Purchasing LV around the world?

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  1. Besides financial reasons are there any reason to purchase LV in different countries? I saw in the Hawaii thread that they have a special heat stamp there. Are there different heat stamps around the world? Or different items? I travel a lot. For example I was just in Tokyo and it was way out of my way to go to LV there. But, I had wondered if maybe I could get something special there. I didn't up going. My next trip is to Italy and Kuwait.
  2. I believe Singapore has a special heat stamp (merlion) and New Zealand does too (kiwi)
  3. I'm still fairly new to the brand. I do think fondly on my items that I have gotten at LV boutiques usually when I am on vacation. I don't have an LV in my home state in the USA. So I wasn't sure if different boutiques had unique items to that area or country.
  4. There are some different items in different parts of the world and it's always cheapest in Europe.

  5. The Merlion was only available during the sg50 year when the nation celebrated her 50 th anniversary. It's no longer available. Sad but true.
  6. LV Mykonos, Greece is a pop up boutique which only opens during the touristy season...and every year they will have different selected bag models with the word Mykonos on it. I was there last year and they have the special print on the Neverfull, long wallet and mini pochette. Apparently St Tropez has their own print too! It's a nice souvenir.

  7. Special Limited edition items (like the Mykonos one above), special heat stamps (Hawaii and New Zealand, and apparently Singapore now too!), and price differences. Some countries are cheaper than others, some colors are offered in one area and not available in another, some items are never purchased by the buyers for their market. I've been told some items are either never offered for the US, or they sell out in Europe before they can be brought over.

    Personally, I buy LV outside of the US because of the price difference and for the availability of items that may never come to the US.