Purchasing LOVE bracelet online

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  1. I have always purchased my love bracelets directly through the boutique. I am curious, when buying online, what does the certificate say? Does it have the stamp of a specific store? What is the printed receipt wording about exchanges/returns (I know you cannot get a refund when purchasing directly from a boutique)?
  2. I just purchased two Loves online about a week ago . No issue getting the certificates or receipt. I prefer buying online because you can get a refund if needed.
  3. Did you receive a travel pouch and cleaning kit with your Loves. I read that at the present time gift wrapping is not available online so wondered if Cartier was still including those items.
  4. No I did not
  5. I have a question about refunds. I had to send a bracelet back because of sizing and the SA mentioned that sometimes they don't accept it back if there are scratches? Do you have any experience with this?
  6. I sent my small love and had no issues getting a refund. I was just very careful handling it as to not add scratches.
  7. I prefer purchase at the boutique, online certificates say online boutique and they don’t give you as many extra items to take care of your jewelry compared to what the SA gives you at the boutique!
  8. Not a love, but I purchased a chain online and the certificate has the e-boutique on it.
    In retrospect, I would purchase I store if I can, but it was just a chain so not a big deal.
    I kind of like how the certificates have the stores on it, kind of like a passport stamp lol. It’s a nice souvenir if you travel and buy something!