Purchasing limit from Balenciaga

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  1. I was trying to order a Town on the Bal website, but kept getting declined. I called the 1-800 # earlier and learned that I'm only allowed to buy 5 bags every season online and in-store COMBINED, and I already reached that limit :sad:((

    any one else encountered this? i feel like they are driving my business away to the department stores.... NOT a smart move :nogood:
  2. I heard about this. Just means you have to pay in cash, lol.
    Honestly I thought this was a joke when I first heard about it. Apparently it's not a joke but it's still laughable.
    There is no way that Bal, by doing this, can control who buys their bags or how how many they buy.

    The only thing I can come up with is that bal want to avoid too many bags ending up on evilbay etc. i.e. people hoarding bags to have the new season colour then selling them on evilbay etc. within a month or so.
    Could that be why?
  3. I know JUST how you feel. That very same thing happened to me with Louis Vuitton. It irked me so badly that I quit buying LV's altogether. I'm still searching for a different brand.
  4. Well that's silly. You should make friends with an SA at Bal NY... Chanel has limits, but if you are a good client of SA, they can usually waive the limitations.
  5. I've purchased more than 5 bags in one season through Bal NY and no one ever mentioned a limit to me.
  6. i usually buy from the vegas boutique and have been working with a very nice SA, i'm pretty sure i bought over 5 bags from the store, and no one ever mentioned anything~ but when i was trying to order the "online exclusive" neon blue Town on bal.com, what i said happened :pout: so bummed :tdown:
  7. Barneys NY on madison has a neon blue town ;)
  8. And to add one CC can only get you one GH item from the Bal Boutique when buying in person.
    At least that was what happened to me in Paris. So I had to use my DH's card for the 2nd item. Buying for a fren who wanted 2 RGGH items...
  9. That's not true in the US. I've bought multiple GH bags at the same time at BalNY.
  10. I should add just to be clearer...GH item of the same kind...
    If I had bought one GSH and one RGGH, I could use one CC and passport. But not in my case when I bought 2 RGGH items. This was when I was in Bal Paris in person.

    I understand this may not apply elsewhere...
  11. I (suppose) I could understand this IF one were to buy 5 of the same exact item, but not allowing 5 items within a given time period is just laughable! Like *Livia* said, the only thing that I can think of is that Bal is afraid that the items will show up on fleaBay.
  12. That's interesting that Balenciaga does that... kind of reminds me of how Neiman only accepts their credit card, cash or amex. They're just missing out on more business... or really keeping their brand prestige...