Purchasing in US a good idea?


Jun 28, 2018
I usually purchase luxury items in the EU to take advantage of VAT and sometimes the exchange rate. But with the pandemic I’ll be home in the US for awhile. I know there was a recent US price increase with Chanel but I’m not too familiar. I’m looking to purchase a classic WOC and a classic flap in med in a new color too. With the US price increase, is it now cheaper to purchase in US or Germany/France? I can wait if it’s cheaper in the latter. Or if it IS cheaper there, is it possible to purchase over the phone and STILL get VAT back, somehow??


Feb 21, 2010
San Francisco
The woc is now 2,500 and did not have a price increase in may but not sure if they will increase in the next price increase. Not sure how much it is in France. I ended up getting a bag after may increase because I am also thinking it’s going to be a while till I go to Europe again.
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Mar 14, 2019
European boutiques don’t ship outside their country. VAT is only eligible for purchases physically made in the EU within 90 days of the purchase date.