Purchasing in NYC: Bergdorf or Barneys?

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  1. Does anyone have a preference for purchasing in either store? I don't have a card for either one so points don't matter to me. Thanks!
  2. Don't have a Bergdorf's in Boston, and Barney's is the only store that carries it in my area. I think that both stores have excellent customer reputations! Good luck and have fun with your purchase!!
  3. Funny you should post this! I was making calls this am and in terms of customer service, I would have to say Barney's was better. Now each store could have a different policy but when I asked if there was something that could be emailed to me so that I could confirm the colors that I wanted on my bag, the Barney's SA emailed me something but the Bergdorf SA said that she couldn't because Goyard doesn't want them mailing anything.

    Then when I explained that I didn't live in NY and just wanted see the visuals, she said that I could buy the bag and then take a trip to NY to pick out the colors. Now, I'm always looking for a reason to go to NY but seriously, is this supposed to be customer service?!
  4. Thanks for the heads up! I think I will stop by Barneys first, the SAs there sound a lot easier to work with and more accomodating :smile:
  5. Service is great at both Sheryl at Barney's or Phlyllis at Bergdorf are my favorites, for me it depends on who has what I need.
  6. Wow, Sheryl is who I'm working with! She is awesome!
  7. My sense is that Barney's is more "downtown" but Bergdorf's is more "uptown" GOODLUCK!!!
  8. Glad to see this thread - I was coming to ask the same question. I live in Connecticut, so if the bag is mailed to me (out of state) I shouldn't have to pay NYC sales tax. Does anyone know if either store is better/less expensive at shipping? Thanks!
  9. I always prefer Bergdorf.
  10. If you are using a Barney's/ BG cc, you can ask to waive the shipping
  11. Bergdorffs. They were wonderful. I was in NYC at the beginning of the month and looked at the ST Louis. I couldn't make up my mind between the orange and the red so I left without anything. About five days later I decided what I wanted and made a call. I had my red bag the next day - no tax as I live in VA and reasonable overnight shipping. They were wonderful.

    P.S. loving my bag. I have been carrying it non-stop since.
  12. Thanks everyone. Let me add, I do not have a cc for either store, and I will be doing a monogram/stripes, so it will take a little time. Does either store ship free in that case?
  13. I paid little on shipping from Bergdorf and a lot more from Goyard San Fran.
    However if you're going to do personalization you may want to use the San Fran location for numerous reasons. Whatever you decide on, GL and have fun!
  14. I usually use Sheryl at NYC Barneys but Phyllis is nice, too (at Bergdorf Goodman).
  15. You can always ask your SA to waive the shipping charge
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