Purchasing habits:Buy what you love, or be practical and make sure everything fits??

  1. When you go shopping for a new Chanel......

    Do you only look for bags that will fit all your things comfortably? (Practical). You like/love the bag and it fits everything.


    Do you just go in looking at everything (even small bags that everything won't fit in)...if it happens to catch your eye or you fall in love with it you purchase...regardless if it's too small. I mean...Do you think..."well, I'll just leave this particular item(s) that I don't need or use on a daily basis at home or whatever so that you can find a reason to buy that smaller bag because you just love it. Then perhaps buy a smaller wallet for that bag.

    Your thoughts??
  2. Chanel is way too expensive for me to be anything other than practical!
  3. there is NO Chanel Store in NZ, but when I got my first piece - I made sure it fit everything - well not everything but almost everything... and its a WONDERFUL Chanel piece! :graucho:

  4. Jayne1 - I totally agree with you! :yes:
  5. See, I'm leaning towards the classic flap (jumbo)...but all the things I carry don't fit. Well, I put everything inside at Chanel, and it was rather tight. Was filled to the brim. But there a few things that I don't even use everyday. Like my agenda...is just blank paper, for a occassional note here or there...As far as everyday (My agenda) doesn't get used much...LOL just gets carried for "the ride" I guess. So that I can do without. Also I have a LV wapity filled w/ a bunch of lil things (just in case things) lil lotion bottle, bandaids, etc. I can do without that also. Just carry the lil tiny cylinder that's inside (the wapity) filled w/ excedrine mig. medicine. So just throw that cylinder in the flap bag.

    So it is doable...I wish I didn't love the flap bags! ugh!! I liked and ck'd out the medallion tote, lrg. cambon blk/blk CCs patent, and the GST...all 3 would fit everything...BUT, there the same shape as my LV BH. I had first thought I'd get one of those...but after seeing and trying on the classic flap.:love: It was so different! I don't have anything like it. None of my bags I have - have a flap, no black bags, no bags w/ a chain strap, no Chanels, nothing that shape, nothing w/ silver hardware (which I'm leaning towards). So totally different.

    (decisions, decisions):rolleyes: as they say...:sweatdrop:
  6. The Chanel bag I'm currently in love with (Cerf) would definitely fit everything but I did buy a smaller bag (LV Recital) because I fell in love with it and then bought a smaller wallet for it so I could fit more in it. :yes: So I say get what you love, even if you have to downsize a bit on how much you can carry. :flowers: After all, it won't be the only bag you ever carry!
  7. Ya, you're right!!;) Thx!!
    Ya, (I was thinking) when I need to carry more....I have quite a few big bags...3 - LV Speedy 30s, 2- 25's...also my BH, Baggy GM. I mean the classic jumbo isn't "super tiny" it'll fit most of my things. (..and I do switch my bags alot). Ut oh...LOL!!:graucho:
  8. That's always my problem too.

    Every time I buy a slightly smaller bag, I find I do not get enough use out of it. I plan on being good, when I first purchase it, but I soon fall back on old habits and want to put more in it. There are times I want to throw in an umbrella, a winter hat, a book or a water bottle and can't. So I have to change bags at the last second.

    That jumbo classic flap only looks big on the outside... but really has not a lot of room in there. I agree with you though, it's such a great looking bag... so far I've passed on it, but I understand your dilemma.
  9. I have never bought a jumbo flap b/c I can't get all my things inside the bag -- and I know that downsizing doesn't work for me, because for some illogical reason, I "need" everything in my purse. Because the bag is so expensive, my recommendation is to think carefully before you go for it. Everytime I try to buy a smaller bag thinking I will downsize, I get home, get disgusted b/c I can't fit all my things in the bag and then return it for a larger bag. :shrugs:
  10. I'd say a combination of both. :smile: There are some Chanel bags in my collection that are practical (e.g. cerf) and others that are less so (e.g. valentine's heart chain flap).