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  1. Does anyone know how the Duty tax works when you live in the US but purchase a Bag from Canada? Approx. $2700 bag. Thanks I have never done this before!!!
  2. I find it really depends on the shipping method used. If Canada Post (post office) is used, there normally aren't duties charged. However, if a courier service is used (i.e. Fedex, UPS, Purolator, etc.), then brokerage fees and duties are usually charged. My experience is based on my own private selling to buyers in the US, so things might be different if you are purchasing from a retail store in Canada as opposed someone like me. HTH!
  3. ^^ :shrugs:Hmm.. that's not been my experience. If the full amount is disclosed even if shipped USPS (then Canada post when it comes across the border) they have charged me duty. (I can't remember the amount) and tax is charged for sure! But... it is always less than Fedex, UPS, etc becasue they charge a ridiculous handling fee (something like 50$) on top of the duty and taxes. That said, sometimes, for no reason that I can see Canada post will let an item go through that has an amount disclosed that should have duty (say 200.00 or more) and charge nothing, and other times they will do a random search of a parcel that is claimed as low as 20.00 and charge a fee for opening it! So..... I guess you may get lucky with the duty but I wouldn't bank on it! Good luck!!!!!
  4. I think the OP is asking about if she lives in the US and purchases from Canada. US Customs seems to be much more lenient than Canada Customs, and none of my US buyers has ever paid customs on a bag I've shipped to them from Canada using Canada Post.

    It sounds like you live in Canada and purchase from the US. I agree that for us Canadians buying from the US, we're always charged GST and PST, and sometimes duty as well. Add brokerage fees too if using a courier service.
  5. That is correct I am in the US and purchasing from Canada. They are Shipping using Fedex. They said the Duty should be no more than 20%, YIKES!!! Hopefully not! They really didn't know. They did charge me 5% sales tax and shipping. I just hope I don't get hit with a $500 Duty. How does that work, will the package go to US Customs office or Fedex or to my home? I assume to an office so you can pay the duty, correct? Sorry I have never bought anything out of the US before. Thanks for all the help!!!
  6. Yeah for us Canadians we have to pay for anything over $60 if it is marked as a gift. For the US they have a limit of $100 - $200 depending if it gets marked as a gift or not.

    USPS and Canada Post is the way to go because they don't charge the hefty brokerage fees like the other carriers do. I know for UPS if you ship with Expedited and higher then the brokerage fee is waived. As for Purolator next day express, they sliced opened one of my packages going to the US and destroyed the dust bag (good thing the bag was still ok). I don't think I would ship with them again.
  7. I would think it would go through the US customs office but Fedex might have their own brokerage firm that they prepay the duties for you. Then you have to reimburse them when you get the package (at least that is how it goes when a package comes into Canada). The fees will most likely include your federal tax and state tax if you have any. If you're ordering from a store, yeah you'll probably get hit with heavy duties but from a seller probably not as bad (depending how they send it).
  8. It is coming from Chanel in Calgary. I guess I will keep my fingers crossed!!!

  9. I bought a Chanel 2.55 for $1,950 + $75 shipping from Chanel in Vancouver (in 2006). It was shipped via FedEx. After the bag arrived I received a call from FedEx stating that I owed customs/duty charge of approximatley 8%.

    I'm surprised that the boutique charged you sales tax. They shouldn't charge sales tax if it's being shipped outside of the country. That's what customs/duty charges are!
  10. That's what I was wondering? I will give them a call back.... Thanks!
  11. You're welcome.:yes: Keep us updated.
  12. Called Chanel back and the Manager had looked into it. They recently changed it, that if it is being purchased in Canada you have to pay their tax...
  13. Maybe that means you pay less customs/duty charges when it comes into the U.S.?
  14. Hopefully! I am buying a bag sight unseen. Hopefully I love it!!!! Noone in the US ordered it. I've checked everywhere.
  15. You bought at the right time & from the right province. The federal sales tax (GST) just dropped to 5% from 6%. Also Alberta doesn't have provincial sales tax.