Purchasing from Balenciaga New York?

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  1. Hi,

    I live in Australia, but would like to try and do a phone order from balenciaga NYC
    Does anybody know if this is possible?

    In regards to what styles/colours they stock, is there somebody i can email to get that information first ... ?

    I am deciding between the skye blue or electric blue CITY, in either GSH or RH ... :confused1:

    Thanks for your help,

  2. hi, please check the shopping sub-forum. use the search function to help you locate the relevant posts.
  3. Here's a tip.....FORGET emailing BalNY....waste of time.

    CALL them.

    Good luck!!!! And enjoy.....
  4. I just read yesterday that BalNY never reply mails & they only do phone orders. There was a discussion on it. You must have already decided on what you want. That's mighty quick! :cool:
  5. agreed with Contessa.... they hardly ever reply to emails... call them!
    think kim seems to be everyone's favourite SA, ask for her
  6. well sort of - i knew to begin with that i wanted a blue bag for spring, and something in a medium size. so that sort of narrowed it down.
    now i am just trying to decide between the EB City with RH, or the EB part-time with GSH! so hard! :confused1:

    but i thought i should ring first and see if they have either of them!
  7. I'm surprised! I started my relationship with my SA via email this summer, and she always promptly replies to my emails. The fact that I shop there in person may help.
  8. Hayley, EB City with RH, or the EB part-time with GSH. I like the GSH on EB very much, really bring outs the blue. Then again will the GH be too heavy for you? If it is not, EB part-time with GSH would be a great choice!:tup:
  9. pink boudoir, i just can't decide! i keep flitting from one pic to the next and changing my mind! i like simplicity of RH, but the GSH does make the blue pop as you suggest! i think i'll just think about it for a week or so, and then make my final decision ... thats assuming i can actually easily find either of these styles :smile:
  10. hayley, you know what? that was how hard it was for me when i bought my first Bbag!!! lots of to & fro & back again only to start all over. BUT one thing for sure, i :heart: my choice & all that agonising over it was ALL WORTH IT!!!
  11. dont worry hayley! the obsession never stops! i'm sure you'll be getting a second one in no time! =P then you can have both...and more! =)

    p.s. i think the EB part-time with GSH is gorgeous! the only issue I'd think of is the weight of it. But if you don't mind it...I vote for the EB! =)
  12. i think you should give them a call first to see what they have available [= and let us know! i think EB is a gorgeous colour, you won't go wrong with either style.
  13. Whereabouts in AU are you hayley?
    Are you able to go into a store (eg Cult Status, Miss Louise or that new one in QLD) to try on the bags first? I think that helps you to decide shape wise and hardware-wise. The giant hardware (GH) is significantly heavier than the regular hardware (RH) bags when empty, which means if you're going to tote around heavy stuff your arms will get a severe workout :p

    Also, I have never ordered from BalNY but would be interested in hearing your experience. From what I know so far, shipping is USD70 to Australia. Also, you will have to pay import tax on any purchase over A$1000, the calculations are tricky (you can google the australian customs website and look under 'imports') but as a rough guide expect to pay 10-15% of the australian price in taxes.