purchasing diamond-anything on ebay.

  1. is this a horrible idea?

    i'd love to begin building a collection of art deco pieces, and am thinking this may be a good place to begin.

    of course, i do not know a ton about vintage diamonds/jewelry, but i'm mainly wondering why anyone with access to estate sales/great shops would bother selling on eBay as opposed to selling to an antique apprasier or folks who handle this sort of thing for a living (i'm assumming they'd get a ton more money out of these people).

  2. I have made antique jewelry purchases on eBay before, and have had positive experiences.
  3. I have also made successful vintage jewelry purchases on eBay.
  4. Think of how big the market is on eBay though, I'm sure there are a ton of people who buy and sell antique jewelry for a living there. I purchased my diamond wedding band from an online jeweler who also uses eBay, and I couldn't have made a better choice! It's not antique though, but still... :smile:
  5. I have bought a few pieces of jewelry, but I would definitely recommend paying with Paypal and using funds from your credit card for that extra protection.
    From personal experience I don't care for the high volume jewelry sellers, the quality is very cheap, i.e. mass produced.
    Also I recall reading a thread a month or so ago about someone buying a fake Chanel watch for $5000+. Unfortunately she did not realize it was fake until it was too late! So if you buy something expensive bring it to a jeweler for an opinion.
  6. Pricescope is a great jewelry forum. I know there are specific recommended ebay sellers who deal in antique items. Good luck!