Purchasing Chanel for the first time...stress :(

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  1. Hello all

    I never though of purchasing a Chanel, but recently i have fallen i love with the WOC and have decided to buy one. Regrettably, I do not live near a Chanel boutique, and UK preloved sites never have the ones I want. The ones that do are grossly overpriced :sad:

    I have browsed Vestiare but reviews on the forum on fakes and poor customer service has put me off. That leaves me with sellers on Ebay.co.uk, (US sites i am avoiding due to being hit by extortionate custom charges). I have seen some private sellers on Ebay, and by the time i email the seller asking for relevant photos etc, they have always sold.
    Currently, i am bidding for one, the auction ends in a couple of days so please wish me luck!

    Also, i am nervous about buying pre-owned, even though I will (hopefully) purchase something in very good condition, what happens if it begins to fall apart? I have read some threads about new purchases that have had to be returned, what support do buyers like myself have if this happens to us, especially with no boutique nearby?

    Thank you for reading,
    Nervous Chanel novice
  2. If I were you I would purchase from a department store, Saks, Nordstrom, Barneys. Chanel will usually want you in their system prior to shipping anything, the department stores will not. The concern you have with reputable resellers is correct, you never know. If you are bidding on a resellers site, make the person email a picture of the original receipt, authenticity card, and hologram...if they cannot don't purchase the bag. Call around to department stores...your best bet.
  3. Oh, good luck!!
  4. Thank you! Unfortunately we don't have any of the department stores in the UK, and being in Scotland there are no department store that sell Chanel . The closest is a 4 hour drive which i sadly cannot make.
  5. No department stores that will ship?? Doesn't Harrods sell Chanel?? They would ship a wallet on a chain, at least the department stores to in the U.S.
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  6. Actually, Chanel Boutiques have changed their policy! You do not need to have purchased in-store before, but they wait 24 hours prior to shipping. Great News For You! Also, I believe they currently have WOCS!
  7. Selfridges is another option I believe
  8. Yes, I was thinking the same thing!! I would try to go that route. You will know 100% it's authentic, you can check the quality yourself and you get everything with your purchase (receipt, box, ribbon, camelia, ...)

    If this is no option, would it be possible for you to wait to get your WOC unitill you go on holiday near a Chanel boutique?

    Good luck!
  9. I would wait until a trip to a Chanel boutique, so you are 100 % sure you love the bag you buy. And the experience is much more fun than just a package in the mail.
  10. You are new at this and seem to have doubts and questions about buying a pre-owned piece. For these reasons, I don't think you should go with eBay. If you do end up winning (good luck!), please have the bag authenticated.
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    Hi Hafs,

    Being in the UK and and new to Chanel, might be worrying as there are not as many retail Outlets as some brands but there are some. In the Midlands we have to travel, but it is worth it IF possible, which It is not always for some. Please don't let this detract from the enjoyment of buying your first Chanel. If at all possible, being in a shop and seeing and handling the bags, can be helpful, in choosing the right bag, as many are different IRL. ( often better, it is dangerous) :heart: but it can be very hard to get to a shop I know.
    TPF is a fabulous way to find information re pre loved sites you can trust, such a NPN bags and Labels most wanted, as well as all things Chanel. ( and more!)
    We were told by Chanel in Selfridges in Manchester they will ship but they ask to clear funds first, so it can be a bit of a wait. This was the advice given by the Chanel person on the phone in June 2016 when asking about purchasing a wallet.

    Good luck with your search, I hope you get the bag of your dreams. :biggrin:
  12. I am more or less in the same situation and it´s definitely stressful - most of the preloved game seems to be happening in North America (=insane import duties) and also looked at Vestiaire but am very put off by the reviews (even makes ebay look better). I can just say go with your gut feeling and maybe just call the nearest Chanel store, maybe they´ll be able to advise you on how to buy directly from them?

    Contrary to you I do live right by a Chanel store but I´m dreading the price point tbh! Also I really want a single flap bag for which preloved is the only option... I suspect I will end up buying directly with Chanel as I´m confident it´s gonna be a lifelong investment for me and as such would love to have it from new with all the trimmings but I´m back and forth every day.
  13. Hi I also do not live near a Chanel store as I'm in southwest uk, you can purchase easily from Bond Street or one of the other Chanel stores via mail order only thing with it is you will need to bank transfer the money into the Chanel account, I have done this lots of times now with no problem and have been happy with service.My last purchase was through Harrods and you can purchase with your credit card as its a harrods policy, all you have to do is email any of the stores or call them about details or item you want to buy and then take it from there.much better than buying on eBay for only a small discount and this way you can be sure it's real.
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  14. Postage is next day delivery at £12 and they usually ship within a few days as soon as bank transfer is cleared and with harrods they shipped the following day after my card payment
  15. Have you seen the WOC in person? Don't know how tall you are but the chain on the WOC is really long! If I were you I'd wait and buy from a boutique so you know you have a real Chanel and so you will have your receipt in case you need repairs etc. Even though the WOC is Chanel's least expensive bag, it's still pretty expensive, especially when you consider that it is just that....a wallet on a chain. You may wanna save a little more and go for a mini...hope this helps :smile: