Purchasing Celine Accessories at Saks Fifth Avenue

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  1. Considering the recent news that a purse forum member bought real items and returned fakes to several stores including possible Saks, would you still purchase a Celine wallet, coin holder, card holder, or similar items from Saks Fifth Avenue stores?

    I'm heading to Palm Beach in July and was planning on purchasing a Celine accessory from the Saks Fifth Avenue there but am unsure if I still should/if I would be risking it being a fake or if only the purses were ever targeted and not the accessories. What do you all think?
  2. No one here's is going to be able to provide you with any assurances in that regard. I personally wouldn't be worried....but if this is a big concern for you you're probably better off buying directly from the Celine boutique where the staff is better trained in their product and their more strict return policy would tend to deter the switcheroo
  3. Thanks! I was just wanting some feedback as to what others would choose to do here. I'm also not aware if wallets and similar items are as faked as bags usually are and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on that?
  4. You going to Florida? "cause if so I have bought Celine from the Celine store at the Boca Mall, the other option it's to drive all the way to Miami and get if from the big store there.
  5. Is there a Celine boutique in Boca Raton? Because on the Celine website, it states that the only Celine locations in both Boca Raton and in Palm Beach are at Saks Fifth Avenues.
  6. Its inside Saks but its a boutique but its own like the Channel store, And if there's something that they dont have it there, they will send it from the Miami Store, at least that what i was told. I have bought from that Celine location inside Saks and also from the Miami store and its the same, not worry about being fake.
  7. Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware that the Celine in that Saks is not a concession or whatever they're called. Nice to know its a boutique within the store instead!
  8. You are very welcome! Happy shopping :biggrin:
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