Purchasing at LV Flagship Paris

  1. Hey, Ladies! I'm so happy to find this site! I googled something related to LV and came across a delightful story about two women and their experience at the LV store on Champs. So here I am! I'm addicted now!

    I'm living in Paris now, but before I return to the states I am definitely getting an LV. Actually I'm going to make it a present to myself for completing my Masters! :yahoo:

    I live approx. 5 mins from the store so I frequent it quite often after doing my online searches. I check prices at the store and then do the conversion. Indeed it is cheaper in France. I've gone in the store many times, they probably think I'm scoping the place out.:weird:

    Not the case, I just want to make the right decision. And I've decided on...Alma. She's a beauty and from what I've read, it is one of the original/oldest designs. So, without further ado let me get to the questions...

    Where can I get the history of this bag? I did a Google search w/ no good results? This is an investment and want to know its story!

    Which store is better to make the purchase? Yeah, flagship! But I can take my purchase that I've saved say 50 Euro on from Ave. Montangne, Gallerie, or St. Germain and pose in front of the Champs location?

    What perks can I get when I go to the store? Granted the lady that wrote the original story that led me to you all wrote it in 2005 that she and her friend sipped on Champagne...what's the deal now? When I went to London's Harrods they loaded me up on samples after I purchased a bottle of perfume. I have a feeling I won't be getting that kind of TX in France, but you never know...

    Any and all information is welcomed! I'm so happy to be a part of the family!:tender: