Purchasing an LV from Craigslist? [long]

  1. I am desperately trying to purchase a black multicolore keepall 45.

    There are five on eBay that I posted in the authentication thread. However the cheapest one is over $1,700. That is a lot for me. I am in no hurry and I have read about people waiting 1-3 years to find their dream bag, so I can have patience.

    HOWEVER someone on craigslist (a site for local trade, low regulations, zero protection) was selling a white 45 keepall. It is a few hours away from me, but his/her asking price is $1100. I am a student so a few hundred dollars really makes a difference. I noticed all of the pictures on Craislist are small, so I sent a message to the seller asking for high resolution pictures. They said they will email them to me by Monday.
    If I post the pics in the authentication thread and you guys verify that the bag is authentic, would you recommend me buying from that person??

    There are a lot of "good" fakes out there, so I dont know if I should take a chance for a couple hundred dollars. I know Paypal is shady, but at least with PayPal I would have the option of a charge back through my credit card company if I ended up with a counterfeit.

    Am I still legally protected if I buy the bag and it turns out to be a fake? If I took down their name, adress, phone number, DL number, license plate number, and had them sign a notarized contract that it was authentic, then am I covered?? Or do you guys think I shouldnt do it?

    I am just really nervous because I have never used craigslist (just found out about it last month) and I just dont want to meet a stranger. Craigslist is NOT an auction setting and there is NO feedback system :sad:
    But......... $1100 seems like a good deal (if it is authenticated).

    If I were to get the green light authentication-wise, are there any other questions I should ask the seller?
    -Where was this bag purchased?
    -How long have you had it?
    -Do you have the original receipt

    I am so worried though that if I ask too many questions, he/she wont want to sell it to me :sad: How can I nicely ask without offending?

    Right now, I know I am deciding with my emotion (I REALLY WANT THAT BAG), so I am hoping you guys will set me straight if this is really a bad idea. Even veteran LVers have commented on how scary some of these fakes are getting nowadays.

    Thanks for you help!! Sorry the post is so long, I am just freaking out here!! :push:
  2. I recommend meeting the person at a LV store if you want to buy the bag from the person. I know you don't want to meet strangers but it's the best way to guarantee that you are getting your bag.

    I do not recommend doing a transaction over the net with someone from craigslist. While there are probably honest sellers on there, who's to say that the person won't take your money and go? Since there is no feedback system, you never know. I know you can dispute it with your credit card company but do you really want the other person to gain $1000+ just like that?
  3. why don't you guys meet up at a neutral place like your local lv boutique and get it authenticated there. if the person is legit they won't have a problem with that. otherwise you are out of luck if its fake. and with a promisary note you would have to get it notarized and then take them to small claims court if the bag is not authentic

  4. Good idea for the LV store, I will look on louisvuitton.com for the closest store.

    Also, I would be paying with cash, if I got them to sign some sort of "contract".....? Or still no?

    Good point Meela about having to deal with court.
  5. ^ what kind of contract? If you meet them up at the LV store then you can get the keepall authenticated before you fork over the $1000+ in cash to the seller.
  6. If they agree to meet you at the LV boutique, it's a very positive sign. I've heard MANY horror stories about people buying things on Craig's List. So only proceed if they'll get it authenticated with you. Otherwise, wait for another one.

  7. I agree with meela, you can ask to meet at a LV store and have the purse authenticated there. If they do not want to do that I would stay away. Just my opinion. Good luck-
  8. I looked on the lv website and yahoo maps. The closest to the buyer's city is over 2 hours away. However I will email the seller because if they really want to sell it that will work.

    If not, then can any Saks authenticate it?
  9. I've sold things on Craigslist but haven't been the buyer. One good thing is you can see the item in person (rather than getting it in the mail).:shrugs: Make sure if you do meet them you take someone with you just to be safe. Meeting at LV is a great idea.
  10. I would definately meet in a very public place and bring people with me.

    But I am just nervous.

    I should wait until the seller sends me the high resolution pics and post them here for authentication. If I get a green light then I will start considering options.

    I feel like this deal will not come around again (even though everyone thinks that and everyone also knows that there WILL be something again).

    I just really want that bag :sad:
  11. If the seller does not want to drive to the closest LV store (2 hrs), then who else can authenticate? Dont high end department store do it by appointment sometimes?

    I dont have a Neiman Marcus where I live, but there might be one in the seller's area. Would they do it?

    Edit:Nevermind, there is no Neiman Marcus in the seller's state and the closest Saks is actually the one with the LV store..... which is 2 hrs away from the seller) :sad:

    OH WELL, i guess it wasnt meant to be :sad:

    But i'll still as if they would drive and meet me there, because say for example if the seller had family in that area, then maybe they wouldnt mind driving 2 hours. CAN YOU SEE HOW DESPERATE I AM!!!

  12. ITA!
  13. good luck and keep us posted!