Purchasing an Ink City

  1. Where would you recommend me purchase my first B bag from?Color ink, size City
  2. Hi Janice! xochrissie posted a very informative thread about Bbags...Scroll down a bit till you get to the "Locations" section.


    Since the season is coming to a close, the ink bags are getting a bit harder to come by. But you can always call any of these places to see if they've got it in stock.
    Personally, I would recommend getting it from the Bal NY store. I bought my ink city from there and I love it! They didn't charge me tax (since I live in CA), and shipping was $15 (UPS regular ground).
    Aloha Rag, Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Barneys are also good places to get it from....
    Good luck on your purchase!
  3. I tried calling Balenciaga NY several times yesterday but all I got was an answering machine. Does anyone know what colors they've got for the City?

  4. The last time I was at Balenciaga USA in manhattan they had a bunch of ink cities - but this was in february so they may not anymore. I suggest calling them and having them ship you one if they do.
  5. Call Bal NY first, and if they don't have any, call NM, Barneys and then Aloha Rag (I think they are out though).

    My SA at NM (Lisa) might be able to get you one, but its going to be tough at this point in the season. Just in case, her number is (248) 635-8442.

    I think your best bet is still Bal NY though. Good luck on your quest, its a fantastic bag!
  6. There was an Ink City at the Neiman Marcus in King of Prussia, PA as of Monday afternoon! Not sure if it's still there, but it's worth a shot! :+) Here's the number: (610)-354-0500
  7. call Balenciaga NY or NM ? Good luck! Inks are gorgeous!
  8. Thanks, Jag I spoke with Lisa today.:smile:
  9. Fantastic! I hope you get your b-bag soon, and post pics! Can't get enough of these ink cities!

    Also- I asked Lisa today- she can also get ink twiggys if anyone is still looking!
  10. yes! i think your first b-bag should be an INK city! :smile: good luck on your search
  11. excellent choice...
    let us know when u get one...