Purchasing a Men's Wallet. Guidance needed

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  1. I want to purchase a wallet for my brother as his college grad present.:woohoo:
    It cannot have more than 6 card slots (he currently has one w/ 9 & complains how large it is); I cannot spend >350ish (I have to leave a little to stuff the wallet:graucho:).

    I was thinking maybe get him an LV Monogram one, but the logo doesn't seem his style. So I have absolutely NO clue:shrugs: Please help, or I'm going to have to ask my mom's opinion, and then she'll want to give me an opinion on EVERYTHING EVER DONE/SAID/MADE/WHATNOT IN THE WORLD:rolleyes::Push: and I will give up and be lame and get a GC to best buy.

    edit: he'd like one w/ the little ID window, but that's negotiable.
    & I do remember earlier this week some one posted a thread b/c they wanted to by their husband one, but I am searching challenged today & couldn't find it.
  2. Well,
    i had the same problem when getting something for my DH, and i finally got him an LV monogram canvas..which he really HATED (he doesnt like logos)! and he thinks it looks so fake.. and so we went back to LV..and he exchanged it for the taiga leather one..he loves it now...
    i dont know what your brother wants..but my DH just wanted a wallet that was not thick...
    but maybe with your budget and the 6 slot thing.. i think http://e-luxury.com/estore/browse/product_detail.jsp?id=10062352 is perfect.. its 6 slots.. not thick at all, it just folds.. its classy... and its under 350.. plus the brown is gorgeous!
  3. I just searched and searched and ended up with a gorgeous wallet from braitwaite wallets.


    They also have some great info and understanding the different terms of the wallet industry.

    Here is a Pic:


    Just my two cents... you're milage may vary.