Purchasing a Black LV Jasmin for my wife

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I feel like I've learned a lot from reading the postings, but I have a couple of questions. I think I'm going to get my wife a black Jasmin for her birthday, but since this is my first LV purchase, I am somewhat nervous about it. With that in mind, I had a couple of questions:

    1. Has the Jasmin been around for a while? Will this be a bag that will be outdated soon?

    2. After reading some of the other posts, I am avoiding eBay, so it looks like my only other options are eluxury.com or the local Saks store that has a LV shop inside. Is this right?

    In closing, thanks for all of the information I've already received and if you have any other tips/hints, I'd love to hear them!!!
  2. Jasmin has been around for a while, but it's a classic design, so it never go out of style :smile: If you plan to purchase brand new, then Saks, NM, or Eluxury is the only way to go besides LV Boutique.
  3. Wow, can you give my husband lessons? Jasmin is beautiful!
  4. Jasmin is classic and beautiful, great choice.:love:
    Yes, your options are as you listed.
    Hope she loves it! Good luck!:yes:
  5. My husband bought me a black jasmin, too! It really is a classic design. If you buy new, make sure they really package it nice for you. Make sure you get a gift box and sometimes they will tie nice ribbon around the box for you. Also, make sure you get a dustbag. This is a beautiful bag.
  6. The Jasmin is a classis. It won't go out of style. If you're going to get one from eBay, be sure to get it authenticated. There is a thread here that's dedicated to doing just that.
  7. aww your so sweet for buying that for her! The Jasmin is a gorgeous bag. I know she'll love it. Also, the ebay seller Let-trade is known for only selling authentic bags, so you could try that route as well.
  8. I hope she does like it. I got her a Pochette Accessoires for Christmas, but it was too small for her to carry anything at all, so I returned it on Dec. 27. :sad:
    I promised her that I'd get her something nicer for her b-day and this is what I think might work. I checked and it looks like eluxury.com doesn't even sell the Jasmin. I was pretty surprised. Looks likes Saks it will be then...Any other tips for a first time LV'er? :smile:
  9. Make sure you tell them to wrap it for a gift!

  10. So sweet, I bet she loves it! As the other gals have said, Jasmin is classic and a great choice!
  11. How sweet!
  12. Great choice on the jasmin! Besides the LV boutique you can purchase at NM, saks, eluxury, macys. Good luck!
  13. I hav a black jamin and its my favoritel..Its def a classic bag that I'm sure your wife will love and cherish for years to come. Whatever you decide, I'm sure she will love it!
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  15. grats on awesome husband