Purchasing a Birthday Gift for Girlfriend... Thoughts?

  1. I am looking for a gift to purchase for my girlfriend for her birthday. I don't really know much about handbags/purses, but have been reading various blogs and websites as well as visiting Barney's, Hermes, Neiman Marcus, and Saks. I am thinking currently about getting her either a Valextra Boston Bag in Sand or White (in the softer leather) or an YSL Majorelle or Uptown in Black. I called the YSL boutique and am on the list to receive the Majorelle as soon as it arrives in the boutique, but I am not sure if it will arrive in time for her Birthday (early Feb). Anybody have any other suggestions or comments? I was just not impressed with the leather quality of some of the other designers after seeing Valextra and Hermes. A Hermes Birkin is an option, but I think I may hold off on getting something so expensive until a later date. Thanks in advance. I appreciate any and all input and suggestions. I was thinking about spending in the $2K-$2.5K range.

  2. Has she ever mentioned a designer she likes? I would check out Prada or Chanel if a nice leather is what you are looking for. A lot of women love Louis Vuitton monogram canvas bags. The speedy is a great "inexpensive" (relatively) bag...
  3. Does she have any favorite designers? Does she prefer somthing totally classic, or more trendy?
  4. Thanks for the input so far. I think she is comfortable either way regarding something trendier vs. something a bit more classic. I think I lean more towards the classic side, but my opinion doesn't matter as much in this instance. She already owns a Chanel Quilted Handbag as well as a Dolce & Gabanna Black Leather Handbag in a soft leather w/ gold chain accents. She once told me that she owned a Balenciaga, but I have yet to see her use it. Hope that helps.
    Here's a pic of the Valextra Boston and the YSL Majorelle from Bagsnob...
    Valextra (in white):
    YSL Majorelle (also in white although I am thinking black for purchase):
  5. I'd suggest you get one of the new spring Chanel flaps... How old is she? And maybe tell us a bit more about her style, and color of hair?
  6. oo that YSL is gorgeous!! you are so sweet to think of such a great gift for your girlfriend!! I'm sure she'll love any purse you get for her...but I am rooting for that YSL in black!! :tup:
    btw you have great taste!
  7. I'd take her shopping for a bag, give her a budget and let her pick it out. Personally I don't wear white bags, I'm not sure what colors your girlfriend wears. I'm also insanely picky and those boutiques sometimes won't take a return or will only give store credit.

    The YSL is the bag I prefer to the ones you posted though I think a quilted Chanel is a very different look then Valextra. She sounds a little more casual and youngish based on your bag descriptions. Maybe she'd like another Balenciaga in a different color or a Prada or Lanvin bag?
  8. That YSL is gorgeous - you have good taste. :yes:
  9. Wow, those are both gorgeous bags! What a sweet gift! Being the practical girl that I am (and a super picky one too) I would suggest either getting her a bag at a major department store so that she could exchange it or perhaps take her shopping. For $2k you should give her something that she'll love AND use. If you really want her to open something you could put a good photo of a bag in a wrapped box.
  10. Great bag ideas! I love the Majorelle! There are some other lovely YSL bags out now (Catwalk, tribute, uptown) that you may like as well.