Purchasing 1 of these 2 Elliot Lucca handbags. Thoughts please?

  1. Hi,

    I'm purchasing one of these two Elliot Lucca handbags. I love the graphite (pewter) color, as well as the shape of both. The bag will be used for work work work to haul files and magazines all over the city, as well as the odd pair of shoes. Which do you prefer based on style as well as functionality?

    *Edited to add: Both are approximately the same width and height.

    Elliot Lucca EL Signature Large Drawstring in Graphite:


    Elliot Lucca Raina Large Dome Satchel in Graphite:

    Thank you so much.
  2. I love the shape of each of them - in fact, I probably like the drawstring one better, but I cannot do drawstring bags - especially for work, I prefer something with a closed zip top, so I'd go with the satchel. But the leather and color look nicer on the drawstring one, I hope the satchel looks more like that!

    Nice bags, I want a metallic pewter one this year too!
  3. I think the second one - the dome satchel - might be a better pick based on your needs. I love the look of both, but I think the first one might crush the files you would be carrying since it is slouchier and has the drawstring close.
  4. I like the second one, the dome satchel. I think it will be more versatile!
  5. LOVE the second one. So much so that....hmm. :smile:
  6. I like the 1st one.
  7. Satchel--great classic shape and nice color.
  8. They're both quite stylish, but I think the dome satchel would be better as a work bag.
  9. I think the Dome satchel will be easier to get in and out of, the drawstring on the first one might get annoying for an everyday bag. Plus I like the outside pocket.
  10. I like the dome satchel, nice shape to it.
  11. I like the shape of the Dome satchel, but I don't like the details. I'm more drawn to the EL.
  12. The second one
  13. Love the second dome satchel. Really versatile, I have never been a huge fan of a bucket type bag.
  14. I can't pull up the drawstring one, but I never liked drawstrings, too difficult to work with. So I vote dome one.
  15. I vote for the dome satchel. I think it's really good looking and drawstrings drive me nuts! I don't find them to be very practical. Good luck!