purchases through eluxury.com

  1. When you purchase a LV purse through eluxury.com - do they give you a catalog and a box? Or just the slip cover? Just curious as I am going to place an order tomorrow....thanks!!
  2. No catalog, but you do receive the dust cover and box.
  3. they may give u an elux catelog not an LV one. You will get the dust cover and box
  4. Box and dustbag for me too.
  5. same here. I've received a dust bag, box and tags. But not a care booklet. Do all bags come with a carebooklet? The reason I ask is that a friend ordered an Alma and she showed me the care book that came with it. But I've ordered twice and each time no care book was enclosed. Just makes me wonder!
  6. I don't know how eluxury.com works since I have never ordered from them but I have been told by my SA that not all bags come with a booklet. One that does not come with one is the epi leather because I purchased an item from that line recently and was told they don't have booklets. :smile:

  7. LV&PUGLuv - I will let you know tomorrow how my BH arrives - this is my 1st LV purchase and my 1st purchase from elux!
  8. Not all bags come with a care booklet. I don't think anything from the monogram line comes with a booklet unless it's the Ceries, Groom, Panda, or any other ones with screenprinted designs like the MC's.

    I've only ordered off of Elux several times, and the last time I received an Eluxury catelog. I didn't ask for one though, lol.

    Your bag will come inside the dustbag, and of course you get an LV box whether you request giftbox or not during checkout.

    Congrats on your purchase! The BH was my 1st LV! And I still love it! Enjoy and take tons of pics!
  9. I thought my eLuxury was packed great - no possible cause for anyhting to be cut into, just wonderful.
    right, the box and dustcover - and they included the gift card i will give to my mother.
    With the envelope filled out the way i wanted it.
  10. Not all bags come with care booklets. Monogram and Damier Canvas bags DO NOT come with care booklets because they are just canvases and don't require much special attention.
  11. I think elux does a better job in terms of delivering the whole package (bag + dustbag + box) to my home, than me taking the package from the boutique IMO :biggrin: