purchases...LV system?

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  1. Ok so in the next few days I plan on making an online or instore purchase and was just wondering if you buy online or at the Saks LV if your purchase can be pulled up in the system at any LV boutique?? Like will they be able to see that you bought something? I made a few purchases aswell at the Saks LV by me recently and I wanted to know if it would be in the main system. THANKS.
  2. They should. The leased stores usually have two computers - one hooked into the cash for the store they're in (e.g. Saks), and one connected to the larger LV system.
  3. All the leased boutiques, LV stores, and louisvuitton.com will show all purchases made from any of these places in the U.S. The only thing that won't show is purchases made thru elux.
  4. hmmm good question. What about other countries. If you regularly purchase from USA but then go shop from canada. would the Canadian store know?
  5. The Canadian stores' systems aren't connected to the US system. But one of my SAs said last week that they are working on a global system so that all stores worldwide are connected. I think that if they really really had to look you up, they could call the US and get the info.
  6. I can't wait for that to happen... I've purchased many of my bags while on vacation/business travel, so it's a little annoying to have no central location listing my items (like for insurance purposes, which I hope to never have to make use of)
  7. i agree with you macska :okay: