purchases from paris =D

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  1. Here is what all I got in paris!! =]
  2. congrats. any chance of modeling pic of the jacket im drooling already.
  3. Congrats!!
  4. haha sure, gimme a sec
  5. cant see, its too wide of a pic...
  6. wow nice. congrats.
  7. Yea I can only see the first clearly, can you make them smaller. But congrats anyway!!!
  8. Very cute
  9. Nice purchases!!!! Love everything!
  10. ok these pix arent the best but i hope you can see the jacket a tiny bit better with it on me.
  11. congrats!
  12. thanks =D
  13. Great stuff! The jacket fits so well on you!! Glad you had a great time in Paris...
  14. Congratulations, Dont you just love your Okapi.
  15. yes, its wonderful =D. great for travel to put on the shoulder so i dont have to stick my camera in my pocket. and when i get back in school itll be nice because i can put my camera and phone in there and not worry about them getting broken or anything