Purchases for today!

  1. I went into my store and asked to use the PCE discount even though I didnt get a card (my SA told me last time to just come in - I am definitely a preferred customer - they just cant get the computer to change my status from "do not send mail" to "send mail"). She said of course, so I got my perfume and body lotion for my husband to give me for Christmas, and also got the tatersall scarf as a Christmas gift for my sister. Yay - very happy with my purchases and my discount!
  2. thats awesome...its fun to go in and get the stuff you want...
  3. Awesome that you went in and asked! I just called and she said I could come in as well and they would honor the discount. Now what to buy as I want it all.
  4. where r the pics?!?!??