Purchases: 1 bag FW 2007 + 2 bags SS 2008

  1. Hi,
    It's my 1st time to post my BV's purchases... I have other BV bags but it was my 1st time to buy 3 bags on 1 go!! I'm happy to annouce that I've got the red BV for 30% off... :yahoo:

    The metallic BV was a bag I didn't expect to be avaliable, I was over the moon when I saw it!!! Lucky that I was:graucho:, I had the choice to choose between 3 different colors: red, brass & grey (the blue was already sold out).. They all looked amazing IRL!! I recommend all members to get hold of one...I :love: the blue BV, it looked so cute to leave behind, so I dropped it on the counter too..



  2. :nuts: Love your purchases, esp. the red bag!! Congrats and enjoy them!
    Welcome to BV subforum. :smile:
  3. IMG__6710.jpg


  4. IMG__6708.jpg

  5. Incredible collection and thank you for posting the pics!

  6. Thanks Java_addict :flowers:!!!! I will... at the moment, I'm sooooooo happy that I can't think straight!!!!!!! :upsidedown: I also bought a Chanel Bag the day before, so 4 bags at one time is a bit too much... ! I usually buy 1 bag, enjoy it then buy the another ! But lately, since I can't find the bags I want all the time , I started buying them as I did now, & keep them until I find the perfect occasion to show it off! :graucho:

  7. Your most welcome, NWpurselover .. :cutesy:
  8. Moonlight, great bags and very versatile as to colours and styles. Enjoy them and thanks for sharing with the great pix!
  9. Pretty! Thanks for posting the pics, and enjoy your new bags.
  10. Congrat for the stunning trio :nuts:
    The red BV is gorgeous! :love:
    Enjoy in good health..
  11. Gorgeous bags! The colours are amazing and I'm sure they bring a smile to your face when you look at them!
  12. Congrats on a great haul! Very versatile group of colors that should take you through any occasion.
  13. Fantastic bags Moonlight! I :heart: the interior of the red and blue bags ~ so yummy. I have never seen the metallic bag, it's lovely ~ definitely over the moon :yes:
  14. congratulations, moonlight, especially the red boston bag! love how cute it is. please post action pics so we can all drool...
  15. Congrats! Like ACA, am loving the Carmino one too. Action pics pls!