Purchased three RMs

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  1. Waiting for them to arrive, but here's what I got:

    Tangerine MAM
    Dusty MAM
    Wine Matinee (backordered until 5/31)

    Can't wait until they arrive - these are my first RMs :smile:
  2. ^that wine matinee is TPF. congrats
  3. that's awesome the wine color is TDF!:tup:
  4. Congrats! 3 in one go, WOW
  5. Wow, nice purchases. Looks like you jumped right now, no sitting on the side of the pool getting your feet wet for you.
  6. wow! congrats! u go girl!
  7. You're on a roll, lady!:wlae:
  8. wow you went RM crazy!! congrats!
  9. congrats, and welcome to RM!!
  10. Congrats! You got some of the best bags to start your RM addiction! The tangerine and the wine are the best RM colors IMO.

    Oh and welcome to the RM forum!
  11. Congrats! Three in one day--You hit the RM Trifecta!

    I ordered the Wine Matinee today, too, so we can wait anxiously together! I finally broke down and bought it after staring at it online for months. :tender: I tried to resist, but alas, I have no willpower.
  12. Congrats! Why buy just one when you can get three?? LOVE IT!
  13. wow three RMs and first time too! wowzers, i just got mines yesterday, if i had three i wouldn't know which one to carry first lol and my credit card will fry up:P
  14. 3 RMs? Wow! Lucky lady! You're gonna love 'em!!!
  15. Great purchases and I am sure you will love them all. Congrats!!