Purchased Pourpre-Pics Posted!

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  1. Here's my pourpre rh city from bill at balny. I've tried to take as accurate a pic as possible. This is in sunlight; no flash (for beaux). As usual, I don't know how to post a big pic, but perhaps someone can do it for me?

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  2. ^^have to say that when the pic is posted it always looks a bit less vibrant. here's another adjusted for that...still doesn't do the color justice, but perhaps when someone with a better camera can do better...

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  3. Nice! Congrats! How does Pourpre compare to Sanguine?
  4. ^^ thanks. much more blue, no brown undertones.
  5. Woohoo ... :woohoo: finally a Pourpre reveal and it's gorgeous. I'm green with envy :greengrin:

    Congrats Kobro and enjoy it!


  6. Oh dear... this is shaping up to be an expensive season for me. I must have it!

    I love it! How's the leather on yours? It looks perfect.

    It's looks to be a very unique color. Red with pink undertones. Who'd have thought?
  7. this color is very nice, no brown like the last picture posted by erica
  8. Congrats, that leather look so beautiful! And the color is such a unique shade...I was thinking it was close to RT, but really it is a totally new red, isn't it?
  9. Congrats! Your bag looks lovely. Urgh just when i thought pourpre doesn't appeal to me..your pic totally changed my mind... :nogood::nogood:
  10. That is such a beautiful color, congrats -- and thanks for posting pix!
  11. Beautiful, congrats!
  12. thanks all! i do think it's a totally new color. but it's got the genes of bordeaux, grenat, sanguine, rouge theater, etc. normally i'm a neutrals person, except for evergreen, but have been getting into the reds lately...don't ask!
    the leather on this one is very good. distressed, but not thin.
    better get to your SA or to bill, as who knows how many they made? this was the only rh city that bill got. but you can see if he's getting more.

  13. livia1, thanks for enlarging!
    if you get a chance, pm me about how to do this??
    thanks again.
  14. Aw.... This is a very bad season for me. I'm all for red with pink and blue undertone. I'm so hurt.

    I'm on a ban!
  15. kobro, you got a Pourpre! Wow! The distressing looks beautiful... Is the leather more on the, urm, moist side or the dry side? And it has a slight marbly effect, right?

    Congrats on getting the only Pourpre RH City at BalNY!! You're going to be the envy of so many!