Purchased new First, but no Bal dust bag or cards?

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  1. I ordered a black First from Neiman Marcus and it came today. I was sooo excited until I opened and saw it was in a NM dust bag and had no cards with it. Should I return it? I'm a little peeved. I spent a lot of money on it and want everything that comes with it. If I were to decide to sell someday, would this hurt the value?

    Here are some pics.

  2. Yes, it is much better to have all the cards if you decide to sell it.
  3. The bag is gorgeous!

  4. Thanks! I think so too. I am contacting them tomorrow.
  5. I did not know that Bal bag have a "authenticity card". When I got my Bal City in rhw it only comes with dustbag, leather swatch, care instruction, tag and info of bag.
  6. Good idea. But I agree that the leather is gorgeous. I hope they can find the tags. I wonder if this is a bag from an earlier year, it would be nice to know what year exactly as the quality of leather varies quite a bit.

  7. I probably didn't use the right terminology. Just meant all the cards that usually come with a bag.
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    Ohh i see :smile:

    But yeah thats weird that they did not include it into your bag. When I got my bal large clip pouch in Lane Crawford (luxury dept store here in HK) the SA did not include those thing too. So called my SA about it and request for all the knick & knack that comes along with the pouch.
  9. Update: I found the cards - they were in the little front pocket (oops). But the purse is from 2009 and the original price tag is $100 cheaper than what I paid. Does this sound right?

    I'm returning and buying directly from Bal online. Unfortunately, I have no local stores. :sad:
  10. Wow - They sure keep stock around a long time! You might want to receive the Bal.com First before you return the Neiman Marcus one.....so that you can compare and decide which leather you like best....the older leather or the newer leather. They will be really really different.
  11. What does the card say? It depends on whether or not the bag is from 2009 S/S (1) -or- 2009 F/W (3). If from 2009 S/S (1), you might want to keep it because that's some nice leather. However, the 2009 F/W (3) had issues, namely that the color would turn greenish over time (what I refer to as the "swamp thing").

    If you decide to keep you, you should ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY demand that Neiman Marcus send you a Balenciaga Dust Bag!! Did you order it from NM online? If you did, you should call Customer Service; calling the store will do nothing as the online & "brick & mortar" are run as 2 separate businesses.

    One thing I must say about NM, is that they are usually very good about customer service .. so they will likely resolve the problem.

    Good luck and keep us informed!
  12. I just shipped it out this morning. I didn't think to check if it was S/S or F/W. I am a newbie. I probably still wouldn't have kept it. I'm just a little put off by the whole package. This is a lot of money for me.

    I appreciate all the advice!
  13. I just bought a preloved bal and love it so I have been looking for another...Barneys.com has a really good selection of bal bags! I think better than NM.....