Purchased my first Kooba...and returned it a week later!

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  1. Okay, here's the story. I feel in LOVE with the Kooba Lola in violet. I would drool over all the pics posted. I finally purchased one after much debate over the price - $645. I went to Bloomingdales and there were two on display. I tell the SA what I want and ask for one from the back. I examine it and I notice in the upper right hand corner it is dirty. There is a round black spot about 1" in diameter. I try to rub it off thinking it's dust but it would not budge. I ask the SA for another bag. The next one had a 3" black streak down the front! OMG, you have got to be kidding me. Okay, at this point I feel bad about asking her to get another one so I examine the ones on display. I picked the one that had been handled the least. I notice a tiny white spot in the back, I'm not happy, but I can live with it. Well as the SA is packing it up I notice an odor. I'm thinking it might be from the dust bag. I get home and not only does the dust bag smell but so does the bag, inside and out. It's a weird chemical smell. I leave the bag airing out for a week and the odor fades a bit, but not enough. I was afraid to put anything into the bag in case the smell would transfer. I had to return it. There was different SA this time and I expained the situation and she agreed there was an odor. I was so disappointed.

    I still think the Lola is a beautiful bag. I just wish it was made with more care. I know others here have purchased the Lola and have been very happy. Yea! :smile: It just saddens me that there is no consistancy. I don't want to discourage anyone from buying the Lola, just to advise them to look over it carefully and smell it! :lol:
  2. The Lola is a beautiful looking bag, but paying $645 for it and having to find one without faults is totally unacceptable. In your shoes I would have reacted the same and I certainly agree with you taking it back. Okay, so you can turn a blind eye to the odd problem with a $50 bag, but not one for $645. Kooba really needs to focus its attention on quality control and customer care.
  3. I had Neiman Marcus send me two of the crackled pink and the leather was HORRIBLE and both went back. I was so disappointed. This is my first foray into Kooba, and so far I've been very disappointed even though the styles are TDF!
  4. I just got a Kooba nelli (blue) and it has a slight chemically smell too. No damage or marks on the leather, but it color is uneven in spots and the 2 panels on the back of the bag are distinctly different shades of blue. It's going back.
  5. That's so weird. You can't even trust the same bag to be the same (bag to bag). Mine had no chemical smell and was even and perfect. What a shame. I want a perfect bag when I spend bug bucks.
  6. Got the Nelli in yellow, and I love it!!! Compliments all the time. I love the pockets and key holder inside, and the silver hardware is great!!!
  7. This makes it increasingly difficult to buy Kooba online..you really need to see and hey, smell the bag before buying..and there's fat chance of doing that where I am..:hrmm: