Purchased item 5 days ago - now REFUNDED??

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  1. Hi guys!

    I am upset right now as something happened that has never happened to me before. I was issued a refund - with no discussion about it!

    The story is that 5 days ago I scored a blush Tiffany clutch for a great deal. I paid IMMEDIATELY and assumed that the clutch was well on its way to me by now. I JUST got an email from Paypal with a note from the seller saying that he noticed some discolouration on two seams, so he issued me a full refund. No discussion. No pics. Nothing. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    I REALLY was delighted with this purchase and wonder if there is anything I can do in this situation. I sent him an email expressing how upset I am and requesting pics of the discolouration he mentions. I think he may have discovered the true value of the clutch and has sold it for more elsewhere, or plans to.

    I'm off to sleuth around for blush Tiffanys. See what I can come up with. Any input in the meanwhile would be appreciated.
  2. Update (yes already an update!)...

    The seller tried to cancel the transaction with me through ebay before responding to my message. I declined it. What happens now??
  3. wow...this exact same scenario happened to me over a different bag. i won the auction, paid immediately, and got refunded 3 days later. the seller didn't send me a message or anything. he immediately then filed to cancel the transaction with the reason as "buyer request shipping to an unconfirmed address" which enraged me because i DO have a confirmed address in paypal and NEVER asked the seller to ship elsewhere! i declined his request so he wouldn't recoup his fees and sent him a message letting him know that i was upset. it was at this point he told me the item was damaged. i didn't leave him any feedback although i should have left him negative. 2 weeks later, the item is relisted for a higher starting bid and the seller claims in the auction that a small hole was repaired by a professional. if it was that easy to repair, he should have told me so! what a jerk he was.

    i tried talking to ebay and they said they couldn't force the seller to send me the item. you could file an "item not received dispute" after a certain amount of time. you could also just leave negative feedback since he can't do the same to you. the auction continued to show up in my won auctions list and remind me that i needed to pay for it (even though i already had, but got refunded). i ended up just completely deleting the auction from my ebay history so it wouldn't show up anymore. i didn't do anything to the seller (leave negative feedback, file a dispute, etc.), but i certainly sympathize with your situation.
  4. "A great deal" for Tiffany clutch? Well, they probably decided the deal was too good to honor! Not acceptable, carry on with your case.. maybe you will win, but I doubt you can force a seller to send you something. You CAN report them to ebay for non-performing seller and give them a neg if you are so inclined, to warn others...
  5. Its not the worst thing that can happen on ebay but it is annoying, particularly if you could have bought the same item from a different seller. Things can happen and, if the seller was pleasant about it, I would give them the benefit of the doubt. If you are sure they are just trying to relist it for more, I would leave a neg. Artiksun, if your transaction was within the last 90 days it is not too late to leave a neg FB.
  6. That's really bad. I think the seller is just hoping for a higher price. I don't understand why eBay holds buyer into completing their transaction but doesn't hold seller to do the same. I agree with northerndancer, you should leave a negative. Good Luck!
  7. I'm sorry, but I don't think this is a terrible situation to be so upset about. Frustrating? Yes. Annoying? Yes. Terrible? No. Getting scammed is much worse. Is the seller supposed to sell you the item just like a buyer is supposed to pay for it after winning an auction? Yes. But sellers can also cancel transactions because an item is no longer available for sale, has been damaged, etc. It happens. Is he lying? Who knows? We don't know for sure. And in the end it won't matter because, as someone said, you can't force him to sell it to you, and he's already issued a full refund.

    Buying and selling on fBay has its risks and aggravations. And, to me, this is just one of them. So I wouldn't spend emotional energy on it (but that's just me). I would agree to cancel the transaction. Not doing so -- FOR ME -- would be vindictive and negative, regardless of his reasons for canceling the transaction. Again, that's just me.
  8. If he would have discussed it with me before hand, rather than blindside me... I might be more understanding and accepting. Unfortunately I do feel VERY negative and vindictive at this time - I take my eBay-ing very seriously and don't screw around with my buyers. I have always had the same courtesy returned until now. Yes I am happy I am not being robbed by a seller, but still this is no way to behave (IMHO anyways).
  9. I don't see anything vindictive about not canceling the transaction. As the OP said, she is not only upset about loosing out on the bag, but also about the way the seller treated her. I am sure the OP would have a different attitude had the seller communicated to her before refunding the bag.
    Also, leaving a negative feedback is not vindictive, it is an opportunity for the OP to communicate facts to future bidders.
  10. Oh, ITA with you that he could've handled it better by communicating directly with you rather than via PayFoe. There's no question about that. I wouldn't be surprised if he did it this way to avoid a direct confrontation with a buyer, perhaps because of a negative experience he had before...who knows. I would annoyed for sure, but although I wouldn't have handled it like he did, I'd still try to put myself in his shoes because chances are I-you-we have pissed someone off when we didn't think we had done anything wrong. IMO, choosing to be very negative and vindictive affects you (in terms of anger, stress, etc.) more than it affects him. KWIM?
  11. The seller refunded the buyer in full right away, without any song and dance about where the item is, where the refund is, etc. That's why I think he doesn't deserve a negative. Believe me, I'm usually tough on crappy customer service, and I hate it when buyers and sellers don't communicate. :yes:
  12. I'm hearing more and more stores about sellers claiming an item is damaged and then relisting it for a higher price a couple weeks later, basically lying because they didn't get the price they wanted for it. Sure once in a great while someone will find an amazing deal on e bay that doesn't mean the seller can just refuse to send it to them. I know its not the worst thing to happen but it is annoying when you go through all the trouble and then the seller backs out.
  13. I love to give people the benefit of the doubt. As an Ebay seller myself, I have found a problem with an item only when I went to package it up for shipping to the buyer to ship (a problem with the item I missed when taking the auction photos and originally examining it beforehand) and had to contact the buyer and tell them of the problem and refunded their money immediately. Perhaps by chance there was a problem with the item in all honestly. Does the seller have great feedback?