Purchased in Europe. VAT refund?

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  1. So I bought in Italy. At the LV boutique they gave me the VAT refund paperwork in a little envelope and said that I needed to mail the info in to Blue Global. When I got to the airport I saw a Blue Global stand. They asked if I wanted the refund to my card and I said yes. I then asked what I needed to mail in and they kept shaking their heads no. But I don't speak Italian. So I am guessing that everything was processed at the airport. Just want to make sure because I read they can take refund away if you don't process correctly. Thanks.
  2. Do you have a copy of your paperwork? LV usually gives you two copies. You can track the status online. Since it was a global blue office you probably don't have to mail it in. I mailed mine in but I didn't go to an office, just got a customs stamp.
  3. When you purchase in Europe are you claiming the purchases on your customs when you return to the US? I bought a bag at the LV store in Florence and it was over the allotted amount for customs so I was honest and stated that on my customs form...the agent looked at me like I was a fool and told me to just go ...no need to claim😁😁😁
  4. Did you have the form stamped by customs before you gave it to Global Blue? That is required in order to receive the refund. Once stamped by customs you have two options: (i) take the form to the stand if there is one at the airport (in your case there was), or (ii) drop the envelope with the form in the Global Blue Box. I believe you can also mail the form back by dropping it in a postal box at the airport, but the company usually has a stand and/or box at the airport. Cash refunds if the form is handed over at a stand are immediate, but you get less back. Refunds to your credit card if the form is handed over at a stand still can take a week or so to process. Refunds dropped in the box can take several weeks...even months, I've heard. If you have a copy of the refund form, you can track your refund on Global Blue's website. Declaring your purchase with US Customs and possibly paying US Customs Tax upon returning to the states is a totally different issue. HTH
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  5. No. No customs stamp. But Global Blue didn't wave me off and tell me to go elsewhere to get the stamp :shrugs:. They took the paperwork, my passport, my tickets and then asked if I wanted a refund to my card. I hope it's taken care of? Maybe the stamp was just needed if I hadn't done it at the airport?! Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks. I just saw your responses to my question. Good idea on tracking. And since I only got a wallet it was within the US allowance. Easy on the USA end.
  7. From my experience I had to get the customs stamp at the airport of departure for them to confirm that the item was new and unused. Then I mailed it in the envelope provided and included my credit card details for the refund.

    I can confirm it takes a super long time to process. It probably took 2 months for me to see the refund on my credit card statement. But it was a lovely surprise since I didn't track it beforehand!
  8. I got a VAT refund for an Emilie wallet 3.5 weeks later. I was expecting much, much later though. I used the Pablo kiosk at the airport and dropped it in the mailbox there without talking to anyone from customs or global blue. The machine gave me the green light & the process worked itself out.

    I had to mail my second refund paperwork from the states (forgot to do it there) and I suspect that could take a bit longer...lol. I flew out of CDG with a layover in Dublin.
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