Purchased Grained Sac De Jour in Grained Burgundy...Opinions Needed!!


Dec 13, 2008
I recently ordered the new Grained Sac de Jour in Burgundy from Neiman Marcus.
(the tag inside lists the color as "Amaranto")

I was surprised that the color is so dark. It almost looks like a dark brown or a very dark plum/purple. I was really hoping that it would be lighter and more red (like the Chanel Vintage Jumbo in my pics).

Please let me hear your opinion. Do you think this color is actually a more wearable color and that I would regret sending it back? I open to hearing whatever! Thanks. :smile:

(I didn't post the pics with the flash because those pics do not show the true color). My iphone pics show the color the best so I'm using those)



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May 16, 2009
I think it's gorgeous and adds some versatility while remaining a great alternative neutral (with a pop) that's easy to pair with most things.

That being said if you truly dislike the color and can't see yourself reaching for it, I'd return!