Purchased from the LV website and found this.....


Sep 22, 2019
I purchased a boite chapeau souple in the monogram. Arrived to my house, and I was so excited for it. However, upon looking inside the Louis Vuitton tag, I realized that the the A,R, and I in PARIS isn't as clear as other letters. It looks better in the photos, but from a far away look, it looks like R wasn't even printed properly. I have no concerns about authenticity, but details like these bothers me a lot.

I do have 30 days to return, but I wanted some advice from PurseForum - would this bother you? I cannot justify paying 2K for something like this (sure I know it's handmade blah blah but literally the marginal cost of putting the effort to make the logo a bit more nuanced isn't high). I am new to buying luxury and I always have high standards, which is something I expected in luxury products. Urghh I'm a bit frustrated...if I go to my local store and exchange will they let me or blow me off like an idiot who cares about the slightest thing? :sad: I am extremely disappointed by the increasingly lack of attention to detail and consistency of Louis Vuitton and other high end brands.

It looks better in the photos, but I really feel like the R is chipping away and especially with additional wear in the future. For those of you who have this model, how does your inside look?






Oct 1, 2007
See if you can exchange it at the store or get a refund. another will be avaliable. better earlier than later since it bothers u. My friend had same problem with A chanel woc. Words were bleeding inside label