Purchased from HGBAGS? Post here, PICTURES inside!!! =)

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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
    I've noticed that people who are unfamiliar with HGBAGS and the wonderful merchandise ask a lot of questions regarding authenticity, look, price/discount, etc...So, I've decided to start a thread of merchandise purchased from HGBAGS, prices, and pictures of course! (for learning, experience, and shop therapy purposes!) So we don't forget crucial information and to make looking at this thread easier, let's try to stick to a format:

    Designer- Year Item Color
    Price AND date of purchase
    Picture (Optional, but encouraged)

    :wlae:So here goes, I'll start with my purchase:wlae:
  2. #2 Jan 27, 2009
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    Balenciaga- 2009 SGH Coin Black
    $195 01/09
    This was my first purchase from Erica, after many recommendations from many different threads, hopefully having one thread would help those who need to find their Holy Grails! Erica is awesome, constant communication and fast shipping. The coin purse is wonderful, chewy leather, zero wear, and matches my '09 City leather exactly!:heart: I'm in love!!!

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  3. The most gorgeous and absolute favorite B bag I own came from HG (Thanks Erica:heart:)
    Balenciaga Sandstone 2007 GGH Chevre Weekender
    Was a wedding gift from DH so I don't know price, bought May/June 07

    DH bought this for me as a wedding gift and it has broken in beautifully:drool:. It is my favorite bag of all of the designers/bags I own and I will never part with her. The long tassels were ordered from Bal NY and I added them.

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  4. ^^I LOVE your addition of tassels!!! WOW I can't believe no ones ever thought of that before!!!
  5. The color is divine! I love GGH but I feel like it make ME look mor yellow. (I'm Asian)
  6. Designer: Balenciaga
    Item: 2008 Marine GGH Flat Clutch
    Price: $580
    Date of Purchase: December 08
    Comments: This was my first purchase from Erica and it went very smoothly. She is very professional and the whole experience with her was great! I now also bought a Framboise CP from her and Im waiting for it to arrive :smile: She's an A+ seller!

  7. This is what I got from hgbags, sorry I don´t remember if it was... $995 for the 08 Marine Courier and 300 euros for the 08 BC MU



  8. foxyqt, I :heart::heart::heart: your flat clutch!!! I want one so bad!!!
  9. I've never bought from Erica,but I would love to do that!!! The bags and the CP are gorgeous!!!

    your bag has everything: GH, tassels:P, amazing leather, it's the perfect Bbag!!!:drool:OMG the leather is TDF!!!
  10. I know right? I just want to stuff it and use it as a pillow!!!
  11. ^^ Oh Violeta,You're right!!! :tup: :drool: Thanks for this thread!:heart:
  12. Aww, thanks so much Beaux, Violeta and Antubella:heart::heart::heart: Hubby did great with that purchase. It's the only bag he's ever bought me and I think he's still recovering:P
  13. No problem, just to make things a little LESS DIFFICULT to find the perfect one, or two, or ten!!! :P
  14. Here is my purchase from HGBAGS!!! 2008 Amethyst SGH City!!!
  15. I don't have time to post pics today, but wanted to add that I have purchased several bags from Erica and she's amazing.
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