Purchased from HGBAGS? Post here, PICTURES inside!!! =) [part 2]

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    Roey - I too am very excited, I've wanted this Poupre for a while. We will be twins! :yahoo:
    Are you also in Australia?

    Drati - WOW!!! that Moto Jacket looks gorgeous, look at that leather....Yummy! You look great in the mod shots...Congrats!
  2. cap - I'm in the US - Arizona. Tracking info states it will be arriving on Monday, 8/2. Waiting out the weekend will be killer! I vaccillated on this color for way too long, always making excuses why I shouldn't buy it. I'm venturing to bet it will be one of my favorites once received!
  3. :biggrin: Sit back an relax it will be right in your arms soon:graucho:

    I am still debating between the Sang and the Poupre:p roey tell me why should I get the Poupre intead of the Sang.
    Missed out on both BDR and Pivoine RGGH PT. I'm just way too slow.
  4. Klow, although I haven't seen either Pourpre or Sang IRL, my opinion from pictures is that Sang is brighter with the tiniest bit of orange undertone only discernable in certain lighting. I had 08 Ruby and although it is a pretty red, it was a little too bright for me, like fruit punch.

    I prefer deeper berry or wine toned reds which is why I opted for Pourpre. The color looks so saturated and rich in photos, like the leather absorbed the color all the way through. I am hoping the way I picture Pourpre in my head is how it looks IRL.

    I will try to relax! :biggrin: Pass the wine!!
  5. Umm... The way you've explained how the leather and the color makes me want one now:thinking:

    I hope it's not too close to the Rouge Theatre:biggrin: I will wait to see the pic of your beauty first:p
  6. Congrats on all your purchases everyone!

    I love ordering from Erica. Just ordered 2 items for friends & looks like I will be ordering 2 more in the future. Can't wait to get the bags. I've missed having the Bal bug. If I like my friend's Bleu Roi Velo I may join the Velo club.

  7. Klow-Chloe - I'm waiting for a Pourpre GSH PT & a Sang RGGH City ... so I'll be able to post pics & hopefully describe them for you. Even though I'm sure both will be beautiful I have a feeling the Poupre will endup being my fav Bal bag....:smile:
  8. Thank you sweetie. I would love to see comparison pics if it is not too much of a hassle for you.
  9. OMG, drati that jacket looks super hot on you!!
  10. Omg! I have a package out for delivery!! It was supposed to arrive tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited!!!:yahoo:
  11. klow - ....actually Pourpre is very close to Rouge Theatre :yes:.

    I can post them together if you like (I also have a Sang Day if you want that in there).
  12. You "might" get it a day early. ....Fingers crossed....
    My UPS package from Erica wasn't suppose to arrive until tomorrow - Friday (per UPS tracking) but (YAY!!) it came today.
    My first bal jacket !!
  13. Wow, roey: I never thought I'd see you get a red, as you love your blues so much! Enjoy your new red, roey.

    klow, I think Pourpre does look slightly different from Rouge Theatre by virtue of the fact that the leather is different for both bags. I think Agneau's slightly different texture holds the colour differently from the Chevre, when it was produced in Rouge Theatre.

    Pourpre is gorgeous in the PT if you love berry reds that are not too strong: I had one, which I loved using as a neutral. Although it has been replaced by a Sang RH Town, which I love for being just the tiniest bit brighter than Pourpre, and so works as a "pop" colour against my already somewhat loud clothes, I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Pourpre.

    I'm waiting on a colour that I've been looking for, for two years, from Erica - my first HGbags purchase: a 2007 Plomb RH City: it's pretty well-loved, and looks amazingly soft and floppy in the shots. Many thanks to the girl/boy who has let it go to a new home:biggrin:

    Can I enquire with HGbags purchasers whether it can a day or so, before the tracking information is available after HGbags emails you the USPS tracking details? USPS keeps saying "No details recorded for this item":confused1:
  14. Yes, sometimes it takes a day or two to show up in tracking. ^^^

    MAGJES, congrats, can't wait to see it on you. You HAVE to post pics!
  15. Yes please. I would love to see the comparison pictures and I love your compare photos :biggrin: I want all of them please. I'm greedy:p