Purchased from HGBAGS? Post here, PICTURES inside!!! =) [part 2]

  1. hi! i know tomate is a 2010 color :biggrin:

    the orange of 2009 is mandarin, i think mandarin is a lighter orange :p
  2. ^^ thanks foxy! I went to re-look at the swatch thread after your reply (should have thought of it beforehand). Haven't seen many tomate reveals around here... out of sight, out of mind! But the tomates on her website are looking yummy!!
  3. ^^that is so true madeofdreams! im so tempted with the tomate giant day...
  4. I have been looking for Pompon for awhile and called Erica for it. after a brief chat with her, she knows what I want and call me back right away with the colors that I can choose from. She is very nice and patience.
    I always want a granny color with giant silver hardware, yet now she said there is maldives blue, red and mandarin I can pick. (She also have papeete in regular hardware). So hard to choose..........
    what color will you pick?
  5. I love red, if it's pourpre, it's gorgeous! :biggrin:
  6. i picked red too, whether is it poupre or sang, all red for bals are great! In addition... GSH!!:yahoo:
  7. missty - ITA. BDR is so complex! It boggles my mind! LOVE IT.
  8. my new Proenza Schouler PS1, just got it in the mail today, so excited!! :yahoo:

  9. I've used it a couple times and been rotating it with my praline sgh pt for my light color bag. BDR is a very wearable pink - I love the subtle girl charm to it :biggrin:
  10. Gorgeous!!!
  11. A ton of Bal items were just marked down on her site... I'm toying with the idea of a BDR CP and BDR Pencil. :thinking:
  12. gorgeous!!!:drool:
  13. Bag'em all - Lovely part time. Blue roi is such a beautiful blue.

    Lilahbelle - Awesome leather on your black city!

    Missty - I never get tired of seeing that BDR PT or any of the other bags you post! Hmm, these wonderful charms you keep finding seems like me an excuse to visit Japan for the first time. :smile:

    Rere - Little BDR pieces would be soooo cute. You should pull that trigger.
  14. ^^ You took the words right outta my mouth. Missty you have such cute bag charms, always.

    luna - Tempting... VERY tempting! I worry about the light colors for accessories tho.