? purchased from ELUXURY...can LV be returned to LV retail?

  1. Curious if you bought a piece of LV on ELUXURY if you had defective problems with your item could you take to the LV store? just curious....

    Or if you just didn't like something you bought online could to exchange it at a LV store? My guess here is no, but it the item had a defect yes?
  2. nope ... you have to return it wherever you bought it (elux/store). elux has a longer return policy.
  3. Thanks, I wondered about that...which is why I'd rather buy LV from a store like LV, Saks, NM, etc..than online at ELUX - however, the for the PRICE w/****** and FREE shipping (when applicable), no tax - it's cheaper to buy from ELUXURY...oh well, thanks for answering!!!
  4. i got a bag for christmas from my mom from eluxury and i was going to exchange it at the store but they were sold out of what i wanted and they were like we could eitther give you store credit or you could just hold on to it untill we get more in then we can exchange it for you. i decided to keep it because i love it =) BUT they told me i'd have to pay tax on the new item, i was going to do an even exchange for the damier speedy and they said that i'd have to pay tax but i decided to keep my bag because i love her
  5. what kind of defect? i'm sure lv would replace it if it was a manufacturer defect.