Purchased from consignment store... Help?

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  1. Hello am not sure if this is right forum to post in but I purchased an Herve dress from consignment store online using my debit card and turns out it isn't authentic... Am not sure what I can do or if there is anything I can do since I didn't use eBay, PayPal etc... Can someone help me?
  2. Your debit card has protections but you probably need to be able to prove that the dress is counterfeit. There may be places that authenticate Herve Leger dresses but I can't help you there.

    Provided you know for certain that it's fake I'd contact the consigner first and ask to return the item for a full refund because it is counterfeit. Failing that call the bank that issued the debit card and explain your situation. They may allow you to dispute the charge.

    Good luck.
  3. You should contact the consignment store promptly & explain that the dress is not authentic.

    If you can go back to the store I would do that asap & discuss what is not authentic
    about the dress. They may not be aware that the dress is fake. Many consignment
    stores take the word of the consignor & don't check everthing out.

    If you don't get any satisfaction, contact your bank & see what they advise.

    Good luck
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    hi this consignment store is across the states from me, and i didn't ask for pictures because they usually sell their items right when posted - big mistake on my part i know :sad: but they did keep reassuring me it was authentic when i was talking them on the phone

    i did contact them 2 days ago and have not received an answer.. should i just call my bank and explain already? thank you for your help
  5. I'd send them a registered letter explaining that the dress you bought is counterfeit and you want to return it for a full refund. Keep a signed copy of the letter for your records.

    Then call your bank and ask what your options are and what kind of a timeline you're working with.
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    The fact that the consignment store has not acknowledged your message
    is troubling.

    I'd contact my bank & see what my options are at this point.

    You need more than "reassurance on the phone" that the item is authentic.
  7. Are you 100% certain that it is fake? Did you have it professionally authenticated or is it just your opinion?
  8. I am 99% certain it's fake. I have a few Herve's purchased in-store and one from their online site and I compared the tags that it came with(only 2 tags, did not come with hanger or care tags - which was a red flag for me when I saw, there is no sign indicating that the hanger/care tag have been cut off) and it doesn't match up. I've also posted pics of the said dress in the Authenticate Apparel thread. The material is also very different as well - it is thinner and much lighter.

    I've been asking around if any reputable online authenticators if they authenticate Herve and so far none of them do. Is anyone able to recommend one or know of any? If I took it into an Herve store, would they be able to authenticate?

  9. It can't hurt to contact Herve Leger directly. If they can't authenticate in writing
    they may be able to refer you to a authenticator.

    You are probably not the first to contact them & probably won't be the last

  10. Have you asked authenticate4u.com ?
  11. Hello yes I contacted A4U but they weren't able to help me.. They said they would try to find someone to authenticated Herve so I will wait for their reply.

    Thank you. I will send them an email
  12. Have you also searched tPF to see if there is an authentication thread for this brand?
  13. Just be patient... someone should respond fingers crossed