Purchased First Bbag and need advice on condition of new bag


May 28, 2007
I posted a thread last week on EB vs Marine. Most of you recommended the Marine but after looking at the EB, I had no doubt that this will be my first bbag. (However from the 08 Fall Swatches.. the Marine still looks so gorgeous. I guess this is how the addiction starts.. :P)

Since this is my first bbag, after receiving in the mail today, I needed some advice on the condition of this bbag. I've read threads on the wear of bbags and it doesn't bother me too much. I'm not that picky on bags but I have a slight feeling this might be a return. There are signs of wear already throughout the edges and the tassles are not sharp and not straight (don't know if that is the right word... they are bumpy..). And the finish of the edges aren't perfect (I'm comparing it with other designer brands). Is this normal?
Could you look at the pics and let me know what you guys think? And also the condition of the leather.. I think it looks yummy but a bit too thin.
Sorry to have so many questions.. do understand that this is my first bbag..



why bother
Jun 27, 2006
Looks normal to me- but you have to be happ with the bag you bough :yes:


Feb 28, 2007
the islands
Looks normal to me too :yes:

And all the EB's I've felt have had very thin leather - but they were very, very silky!! I received my o8 White today and it's the same way - thin but extremely soft. I love it. I don't care if a bbag has thin leather, as long as it's silky. Sure it's possible to get a bag with thick/soft leather, but to be hoenst, I haven't found any o8's that are this way. It's all preference, though.


Jul 13, 2007
i just received black city and one of the tassle is exactly the same as yours.
i think it may because of the way it is stored/packaged.
yours looks new to me


Apr 28, 2007
the last time i received a bag with "bumpy" tassels, they unraveled/split very quickly. it's weird because i feel like certain tassels split very quickly, and others are really resistant to splitting.

but otherwise, the leather looks fine...


balenciaga :)
Dec 21, 2007
The edges (piping) do look a bit frayed and the tassels seem to be coming apart -- it doesn't sound like you're too happy with this so you should probably exchange the bag. :yes:

As for the "bumpy" tassels, they're actually supposed to be that way. Tassels come wavy and a bit uneven. That's totally normal. If you don't like it, you can straighten them -- see Deanna's thread on straightening tassels (use the search function).

Good luck!

add This thread might be of interest: http://forum.purseblog.com/balencia...plit-tassels-remove-or-cut-tassels-42210.html


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Nov 6, 2007
Hong Kong
Yep, that tassel looks ok to me, some tassels do split easier than others..however the edges at the corner of the bag. Usually with the ones I have, that only happens after a few uses, but brand new definitely doesn't look like that..in my experience atleast...maybe this was a return :shrugs:


May 28, 2007
I love the leather. I love the color. And honestly the fraying don't really bother me as to a point of returning it. I just wanted to see if most bbags were in these conditions. And should I call my SA and check whether it was a return? I mean they aren't suppose to sell returns right?
You could call the SA and ask that question, but she may not know. I don't know why they would not sell a bag that was returned if it wasn't defective or damaged. If someone just had buyer's remorse or didn't like the color or something about the bag and returned it, it would be perfectly okay for resale in my opinion. Anyone else know the answer to this question???


super bag hag
Jul 17, 2007
I think stores do sell returns - most of them have a pretty strict return policy, esp Balenciaga NY - 10 - 14 day return policy. The return has to be in new and saleable condition. Neiman Marcus gives 60 days + but I believe the bag has to be tags attached, new. Neimans will take bach a bag thats defective, I'm pretty sure they dont resell those. Where did you buy it?

I just got a Violet PT from Nordstrom that I'm pretty sure was returned, but I LOVE it and dont even care. I feel lucky to have her!!!


May 28, 2007
I got it from SAKS.
What I meant by not selling returns was that they shouldn't be selling used items.. And if the fraying on my bag was from someone using the bag and returning, then I don't think they should be selling it. If it came originally that way or if it was from displaying.. then no big deal I guess.

I know i know.. it is totally up to me whether I keep it or not. I do love it and probably end up keeping her but was just curious...