Purchased Fake Purse on EBay

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  1. I feel really stupid and should have checked here first. I bought an expensive purse on eBay ($2000+) and should have had it authenticated before purchase. When it arrived, I saw the date code and knew it was a fake. The hardware was cheap looking and I sent the pics off to Authenticate4u for confirmation.

    In the meantime, I posted it here and heard back really quickly that it was a fake. The listing stated that they would only accept a return if I had it in writing with Louis Vuitton letterhead that it was not authentic.

    Seller told me that she was the original owner and had purchased the purse in Switzerland. I messaged the seller and asked to return, and was given permission to do so. Seller stated that purse was authentic, and that by accepting return, they were in no way admitting that the purse was not authentic. Meanwhile, the listing was removed by eBay and I wanted to make sure I was covered by sending it back to the correct address so I called eBay and they opened a return.

    I sent the bag back and was refunded. eBay sent me an email letting me know that the seller was still responsible for return shipping, and to contact them. I did so, and received a rather nasty email back tonight. Seller apparently saw my request for authentication and is calling TPF a scam and is now "building a case" and taking screenshots of my posts here.

    This whole adventure could have been avoided if I had checked the "report this LV" thread first as the purse had already been flagged as fake.
  2. I assume this is where you'd asked about it?

    Was your seller titiana1?


    Since she's clearly not being honest (unless her purchase was from a flea market or thrift shop in Switzerland), open a SNAD request. You may or may not be required to submit a professional authentication. It's less likely that ebay will require it.

    Be sure to point out in your dispute that the listing has been removed and include a link to the TPF authentication. TPF determinations aren't generally accepted by ebay but hopefully, the phony date code might lead them to a quick decision.
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    Last edited: May 6, 2016
    BTW, I'm not sure what kind of case titiana1 is building unless she wants to implicate herself! Don't worry about her threats. She's just trying to intimidate you.

    I'm not an LV expert but I recognize obvious invalid date codes!

    It's too bad the listing was removed before you could leave feedback.
  4. Let her build her case...and let her know that her bag might be more legit in February 2070.
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  5. Since she has let me know that she is lurking here and taking screenshots, I'm sure she is aware that her bag is a fake and the date code is a dead giveaway. I am very thankful that the listing was removed and it can't be relisted:smile:
  6. Thank you for your advice. My money has already been refunded, and I was reluctant to leave feedback before I received my money back - didn't want to rock the boat. The seller actually wrote to me and said that she was being "kind" but refunding and in retrospect she should have kept the money!

  7. Kind my foot.
    In most states, selling and then shipping a fake is a FELONY.
  8. While she's not supposed to relist (and if she does, she puts her account in jeopardy), many sellers do relist previously removed fakes.

    Watch her listings to make sure it's not relisted and post here if you see it.
  9. obviously too late now, but this should have been the only clue you needed that the bag or seller was not legit :smile: luxury brands will NEVER authenticate their items inside the store or anywhere else... and they most certainly will never provide you with documentation stating whether your item is or is not genuine. major red flag this was... for next time, or for someone else who comes across it...
  10. Lol! Right on. Yeah, she's just pi$$y because she got busted.
  11. Just ignore the seller. She obviously has issues.

  12. Lol! :roflmfao: And probably really pi$$ed at Me! :P

    Oh well "Sigh" should be use to it by now? :angel:
  13. Lol...you were mentioned specifically in her email to me - she is trolling this site and is making a file.

    This is what she wrote:

    It’s a shame that you have chosen this route.




    1. 1.

    take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.

    "thieves stole her bicycle"


    purloin, thieve, take, take for oneself, help oneself to, loot, pilfer, run off with, abscond with, carry off, shoplift; More

    Let me inform you that Ebay has no legal right or means to refund you any money and have you keep the item, as that constitutes theft and Fraud. So don’t be misled by an stupid automated response. The ONLY reason you got refunded is because I AGREED to give you a refund. I DID NOT HAVE TO but I did that out of KINDNESS. Trust me when I tell you that when I called the the department that handles claims over $750, I was asked if I was “willing” to issue a refund.

    This is simply a contract case. You read my entire listing, didn’t you?? I asked that anyone who has an issue with authenticity of my item, to get a letter from Louis Vuitton complete with letter head issued by a certified authenticator employed by Louis Vuitton .

    You DID NOT do that. You instead posted my user id together with the link to my listing on THE PURSE FORUM asking uneducated self proclaimed authenticators for advice. This forum is essentially a syndicate of scamming men or women who peruse Ebay, flagging listings all in an effort to remove the competition. The truth is that many dedicated purse forum members sell replicas but are protected by adding to their listing that their item was authenticated by The Purse Forum. What a load of crock !. There have been so many complaints about the infamous Purse Forum scammers. Even Megan Dusil, the creator of this stupid site has been sued.

    You are contributing member and are apart of this scam. Even yesterday at 5:41 am you posted a link to another sellers id claiming that their LV Capucines are fake. You have done this reporting and perusing since you joined the scamming syndicate in 2013. I know who you are: your user id is Toby93.

    You also do not believe in the FUR TRADE yet you are in the business of buying leather products? How does that make sense? This tells me that you had no intentions of going through with the transaction. This is all one big scam.

    I have taken screenshots of all the replies and responses made by you and a few others on the purse forum and I will be forwarding it to Ebay and I will also keep perusing that scam site, taking screenshots and building evidence for later use. I am building a profile. You can run and tell the scammers that! I have a nice list of all the so called trusted authenticators of that site… lovlouisvuitton, Addy and more. If you all want a fight you will get it… I don’t start fights but I wont walk away from them either. I am well versed in the law.

    I refunded your entire purchase price including your initial shipping of $36.00 even though I spent $ 52 to ship via UPS. Yet you have the nerve to ask for return shipping when you are the one who broke the contract??? You told Ebay that the item “doesn’t seem authentic” without a modicum of proof or evidence. Trust me I didn’t have to give you anything ( I clearly stated NO returns in the listing) and in retrospect I shouldn’t have given you anything. DO NOT MISTAKE MY KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS.

    This transaction is DONE. Do not contact me again ….
  14. Wow. :wacko:

  15. Oh wow! I was mentioned? I feel honored? :roflmfao: Please feel free to contact my psychiatrist, She will certainly tell you "I am a Nut job!" :cray:

    Althou I do agree about the "Self appointed Authenticators via YT." Some are just simply :hs:

    Why? When someone is confronted they are "Suddenly well versed in Law?" :smartass: And had to use a Dictionary? :woot:

    This person is clearly a Scammer!!!!!!!!!! :nono: