Purchased BH couple weeks ago HELP

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  1. Are stores offering any type of credit, I haven't even taken it out of the box yet...I think it's been two weeks today and their receipt says you only have 14 days to return. I bought it at Galleria Dallas.
  2. yes! Make sure you do it before the 14 day exchange period window close. We have successful tPFer received their credit back. The price Decrease also applys to Lockit if i am not mistaken. If you can't make it in person, try local store or call up Galleria Dallas. good luck!

    oops, do you mean to reutrn the whole thing or the credit for price decrease? If it's reutrn, then it must be in their hands w/n 14 days.
  3. I think it´s 14 days yes. Why not use such a gorgeous bag?
  4. Didn't want to take it out in rainy weather! the bad thing is I am out of town for 3 more days and cannot take it back today! I just want a credit for the difference, do you think they will do it after the 14 day window??
  5. one woman has already done it. just don;'t let them say NO!
  6. will, if you are only asking for the price adjustment, i don't think there's a problem as long as you call w/n 14 days....
  7. I just got off the phone with an assistant manager and she told me there is nothing she can do for me if I cannot make it in today (I am out of state ) I asked if I could speak with the manager she said she is busy and took my number. I said cannot the timeframe be extended a little since I am out of state she said no. I said well I never thought I should be worried since LV historically doesn't have sales or price decreases she said no they don't this is something they are NOT expecting to happen again. But im not very happy since I just bought it. Oh and they said they DO not make price adjustments.
  8. that's bull! it's been done before, like yesterday! She just don't want the hassel, i would call back and demand politely for a manager on the phone. Do you have the receipt w/u? Is there any LV boutique around where u are now?
  9. no I don't have the bag or the receipt with me I am out of state until Tuesday! Ugh this makes me so upset!! If she doens't call me back I will call again, I just feel like at a place like LV I shouldn't have to fight for things.
  10. i am sure they can pull ur account up if you 'remind' them, i think LV keep tracks of your purchase regardless what store or Elux. the store should also have information of your purchase, i don't see why they can't do some research and give you the credit back, it's not like you want a refund for the whole thing.
  11. I am going to call the Dallas store again if I don't hear from them in about an hour and ask for the manager again, if they are this unhelpful this makes me not want to shop at their store again!
  12. Dont you have 30 days for a store credit?
    if so take the credit and then rebuy the bag for the cheaper amount. it will just give you credit for something else or towards your next bag.
  13. it's 14 Days for LV not 30, but my Saks honor the 60 days exchange window printed on the back of receipt :smile:
  14. ^^ my lv told me 14 for refund and 30 for store credit.