Purchased bag then noticed another seller ID same bag!


May 30, 2012
Just a caution to all. In the future I will ask the seller to upload a photo of the item with their ID written on a card held in front to prove the item they have listed is theirs and that pictures are of actual bag...

I purchased a chanel flap yesterday after I had it authenticated. I was so excited as the bag was a great price and in beautiful condition. I paid and then was just looking at some other bags and to my shock saw the bag (all the same pictures) listed from another seller ID in another country! Even the serial numbers were the same. I got right on the phone and called paypal, ebay and my bank. Too late for the bank to do anything, paypal couldn't take the payment back and ebay said they would look into the duplicate listing. I emailed the seller and provided the item number of the other auction. The seller emailed back, They must have stolen the photots). I then looked at the other seller's feedback and listings and noticed all their listings show the same sofa so the seller of the bag I purchased lied.
I made numerous calls to paypal and they open a claim and told me to refuse the bag if it was delivered. I emailed the seller again and pleaded for them to refund my payment and apprised them of my calls to ebay, paypal and my bank.
Last night at near midnight my payment was reversed, PHEW!

Very frightening for everyone. This probably happens everyday. Going forward I will always ask the seller to show somehow the pictures are their own. I did email the other seller and still have not heard back. I warned them someone is using their pictures.

Be careful!! I hope this helps someone. The seller is in Portugal and I am in US and the other seller was in Malasia.


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Feb 25, 2007
East Coast, USA
Picture theft is quite common and buyers need to be careful. (Sellers also have to be fairly diligent in watching for other sellers stealing their pictures.)

Just a caveat though.....Paypal gave you bad advice and had you followed it if the transaction wasn't reversed, you would have lost the case. NEVER NEVER NEVER refuse a package. If it's going to be returned, you need to have your own tracking number.


May 7, 2014
Phew that's awful but glad it was reversed. How scary! I hate how hard the scammers work to make it harder for all of us on eBay.


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Dec 11, 2012
Yep, just had my photo stolen about 2 weeks ago. Before and after I list, I search the item I'm selling to make sure I'm priced competitively...sure enough, there was my picture on another listing. Sad thing is, the item I photographed and listed was brand new but the member who used my photo was selling the same item but used, the condition in the rest of her photos was not new. She also had it listed as new but in her description it said 'like new'...that really bothers me because it's so misleading. Anyway, I asked her to remove my photo and there was no response so I reported the listing. After hours of nothing, I called and it was removed within minutes. The seller then sent me a message and complimented how I had everything laid out in the photo and said she used it because it looked nice. :cursing: Then lay yours out the same way and take a photo? I didn't respond but it really upset me. You have to be careful, there are some dishonest people out there. I'm glad that you got your money back OP!