Purchased a used Veneta off constylement.com

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  1. Hi ladies! First-time poster, long-time stalker here--I just bought a beautiful large veneta in ebano for under 1000!!!! However, it doesn't come with a sleeper bag or the cute mirror. Do you guys have any ideas on how I may be able to get my hands on them? Thanks in advance. This is my first BV after wanting something more low-key than Chanel, so I would like to start off my collection with a bang!
  2. I assume the consignment business told you the bag didn't have those items. I have no idea how to get a mirror. You could start by calling the BV number on their website and ask the personal shopper. As for the sleeper bags, sometimes eBay will have designer sleeper bags for sale.

    Welcome to the Purse Forum as well as the BV subforum! We're glad to have you here! We'd love to see your bag--post photos when you have a chance.
  3. Yes, it was noted on the listing that the bag would not come with the mirror or bag. Is that a good deal for $950? I don't feel too bad that it didn't come with those things because of the price, and the bag looked in excellent condition.
  4. Congrats, boinquo... a large Ebano Veneta is a great first bag to have. A new one would usually retail at $1,990 so $950 is a good deal even if it didn't come with the mirror & dust bag. You can always use a pillowcase to store the bag or call BV/watch eBay as previously suggested above. The mirror was obviously not a deal breaker for you and frankly, not everyone ends up using them.
  5. I agree with TDL that you got a good deal if the large Veneta is in very good-excellent condition. I doubt if many people carry or even use the mirrors. Most styles don't even come with a mirror.

    Dust/sleeper bags get lost all the time. I will look and see if I have an extra bag I can send to you.

    In my personal opinion, Ebano is the very best color to show the lovely woven lambskin leather. You made an excellent choice!
  6. boxermom--thanks for the suggestion! that would be great if you had an extra one lying around. I just want this baby to be perfect! and yes of course, once she gets here I'll post! So excited.
  7. I have an extra BV sleeper-- the dark brown style (the style before the current tan bag) that is large enough for a large Veneta. When you have enough posts to PM (private message), send me a message and I'll get your mailing address.
  8. boinquo - Congratulations! I think you chose very wisely for your first BV. I love Venetas (I now own five!) and I love ebano. I don't use my mirrors, by the way - I think I'm afraid of breaking them! I agree with boxermom that the ebano color shows off the beautiful BV weave just perfectly.

    How kind of you, boxermom! You are a sweetheart. :heart:
  9. Boxermom you are so sweet!
  10. boxermom, you are one of the most kind in tPF.

    Congrats, boinquo!! I too love ebano so much. You'll cherish your veneta for a loooong time and it gets better and better!!
  11. Oh, I have a medium veneta in ebano and it is so rich looking! Can't wait to see yours! Welcome :flowers:
  12. Boxermom that was a very thoughtful and generous offer .

    That is what I like to see.

  13. You all are giving me too much credit! But thank you for the kind words. I don't know where it came from. Although once a friend bought a Prada that was IN a sleeper bag and also had one folded up inside. So extras pop up.
  14. Congrats on a great purchase,you must post pics. As has been said, most
    BV bags don't come with the mirror so that isn't a big deal. Very nice of boxermom to help make your first BV purchase perfect.
  15. You're so sweet : ):heart: