Purchased 4 bal bags today *black, white, coral red??, & magenta* (pix included!)

May 20, 2007
so i went to NM's (newport beach) 2buy2 event today and scored 4 bals!!

GGH Black Wristlet?! (does anyone know the name of this? i assume it's not called the wristlet, lol~) i was actually really struggling between this and the giant envelope clutch, which they had only one in GGH black but ALL THE HARDWARES on that clutch are super loose and ready to fall off, so i got this one instead, i do love this style very much but just wondering if this is a popular bal accessory or not...

a white first (or ivory??)

a coral red first??? i had no idea what color this is when i bought it but i think the SA said it's the new red or something

last not the least magenta first, im not so sure about this one, although i love the color but the leather seems a bit too veiny.. so i might exchange it for something else :confused1:



Mar 17, 2006
Beautiful! I see you're a "first" gal. I love the white - I think it'll look fresh in the spring and summer and the *new* coral red is tdf!


Mar 28, 2007
Wow! Super beautiful! I just commented on your group photo in the purchase thread. I especially love your Giant Handle clutch and your white first, they are going to be so useful in the coming months!