Purchase too many bags that I don't use!

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  1. I am so annoyed with myself right now. I have been looking through my closet and I have just realized how many bags I have purchased that are still sitting in my closet - new! I am so angry at myself right now. I have to stop doing this! Every year I buy a few bags that I have to have and I don't end up using. Do you remember the coach cinch bag that was a limited edition. I have the pink leather one, brand new with tags in my closet. I loved it at the time but I just never used it. I put it up on eBay and it sold for $150. A brand new $498 bag sold for $150 only. I am just going to try to sell as many of the bags that I don't use and try to be more conservative with my purchases going forward. During the Coach PCE, I must have bought about 7 bags. I have used two - the natural ali and the black signature ali. That's it. I haven't even used my carly yet! I have to learn how to control my purchases. When I love a bag, I end up getting them in several colors but don't end up using all. Has anyone done this? Have you ever bought a bag that you have never used?! How did you stop this behavior. THanks for listening to me vent!
  2. I have a million signature stripe bags, but I try to change bags at least once a week that way I use them all :yes:
  3. I'm actually afraid of becoming this way. I love my Carly so much right now that I don't want to change bags. I have my eye on a few bags that I really want, but I kinda wonder if I will ever use them....
  4. I've been like this since joining this forum! :nuts: I think since June's PCE to be exact. I bought 1 bag...thought that was it and I was satisfied only to read and see all the great threads about OTHER bags that I HAD to have! Now I'm addicted and always looking for my next Coach fix! I've returned or sold a few bags here and there but I agree....You have to make sure you're going to get your money's worth out of them and actually USE your new bags or its a waste. I would be sick if I sold a $500 bag for $150. :throwup: I now have a nice large tote, a good medium sized bag and I am about to buy a swingpack. I know when I need a large bag...I'm grabbing the tote. When I want my everyday medium bag...Legacy shoulder it is and when I need a small hands-free bag for shopping, vacations, parks etc....its the swingpack. I'm not one to change bags daily or weekly so I MUST limit myself!:whistle:
  5. I went through this and at one point had over 15 bags which for me is completely unnecessary. My lifestyle is not the type that demands lots of bags in tons of different sizes, shapes and colors! I am now down to 3 bags! I've found what's most comfortable for me and what's most useful. I may add a couple more as I do need a tote of some sort and a black bag but I'm not nearly as obsessed as I once was. I've found peace in not having to constantly pursue the next bag fix. And I have peace with my dh.
  6. I'm the same way. Especially since joining this forum. It really becomes an addiction. I purchase on bag, and then before I've even removed the tags, I already have a couple more that I like and want to get. Most of my accessories have never even been used. It's like I collect them, but they just sit in their boxes and never come out.

    Do you keep your receipts? I always do, and that way if I end up not using a bag, and down the line something comes out that I do like, I'll go exchange the unused bag for the new one. If you have the receipts, then you should definitely return them to the boutique instead of selling them. Or, if you like Coach a lot, then return them and get store credit. You'll get more for your money that way.

    I'm having to decide if there are any bags or accessories that I can bear to part with now. I really have gone overboard and it's just crazy to have as much stuff as I do. Especially considering I buy a bag, but then I'm almost paranoid to take the tags off, because I'm afraid if I change my mind down the line, I won't be able to return it then. It's just a sickness. *L* Yet a couple of bags I've purchased, I had no problems ripping the tag off and using it right away....I wonder if it means I really love those bags, and I don't like the others as much? Who knows. Issues...*L*
  7. Please forgive me if I have smiled when I read your post, for this is exactly me. It is like looking in a mirror and seeing myself. Actually it took great courage for you to admit your feelings about what you do. I do exactly that. I think it is a type of security that they can be looked at and appreciated and yet, if we change our minds when something "better" comes along, we can take them back. Then I miss them when they go back and feel so sad. I think just in knowing myself, for I do not begin to guess what drives you , that it the security in the having of things that I cannot bear to part with much the same as all of the losses of things that meant something to me over the years and the problem... of just letting go. Or, maybe I do not trust my judment enough to just love them or be sure enough to take that plunge and cut that cord or tag off. It gets me in a mess. I am trying not to do that and have taken back some that I have not felt sure of. We are in a forum that does encourage sharing and buying what we love. Each floorset is pretty and has it's great bags. It will never stop being interesting and exciting much like a new love affair. You will stop when you are filled up inside with something of real substance. Take a chance on your decisions...take a chance on yourself..You will know what to do...:heart:
  8. Lynn- It's cool, I know I have a problem. *L* That's the first step in fixing it anyway isn't it? According to Dr. Phil it's admitting there's a problem.

    I figure there's something I'm unfulfilled about in my life, which is why I keep trying to fill up that empty space with "stuff". But the "stuff" never fills it so I keep moving on to the next thing, and the next thing, but nothing is ever enough. Once I figure out whatever it is I'm missing, or unhappy about, and correct it, then I won't be as prone to overspending. I know it's something psychological anyway. *L*
  9. yep! yep! yep! I am not a purse junkie, but I had accumulated a lot of bags in my "perfect" bag pursuit, which I did not use or find convenient to use. I now have my favorite useable Ali in many colors, 2 totes, 1 hobo, 1 top handle. Sell the ones you don't use. There will always be another purse. Take pause when "seeing" a new gotta have bag, and consider how useful it will be. BE OBJECTIVE! It's your money, time and energy spent. Do what you know you need to do, it will be alright!
  10. Each and every one of you I can relate to! I feel the same way! I have been buying so much that I haven't enjoyed some of the bags I got and they still have tags on them. It's a waste to sit there plus lately it has been something I really don't need to spend on since I need to pay off some bills.

    My lifestyle doesn't call for so many bags either b/c when I go to work, I have a stachel I picked up from Target that I use everyday. I bang that bag up without worrying. So the only time I use my nicer bags are on weekends.

    I have decided lately to sell a lot of my bags too and downsize to ones I know I will use everyday to get my money's worth.
  11. What I think is going overboard pales in comparison to what I've seen on other posts in various subforums so in a twisted way I take that as comfort as I'm not too OTT, LOL and among friends here!!

    But as much as I love having a ton of bags they all do need to be used or out they go. My neglected lil' one lately is my khaki sig stripe demi with dark brown stripe. I went to a girls' night at a friends for wine and munchies tonight and I instinctively reached for my Kooba Sienna (in desert, my S/S staple) but thought NOPE you need to take khaki demi with you! And I did. Not that my friends would care as they are not really into bags. But anyway as I ramble I realize that was about a $160 purchase going pretty much unused so I guess that's not too much in comparison.

    As much as I drool over the new Coach line I need to keep in check. I'm just about to start a new job next month after a couple months unemployed and just made a big watch purchase (check the jewelry box subforum!). AND I need to keep updating my townhouse so there are a lot of ways my $$ should be spent other than bags. What's a girl to do?? :girlsigh:
  12. i'm trying to avoid this situation. i have two coach purses right now. i have a legacy straw tote, for summer and spring use. i have a scarf print pouch for little outings or dates with my boyfriend. i also have two little wristlets for quick errands. i just need to get a winter bag that'll be durable during the raining seasons. i'm really trying to minimize the purses i get. i used to buy way too many clothes a few years ago. i still have clothes in my closet that are new and not worn yet. and when i see them, i think "what was i thinking purchasing these?"

    yea, i'd def advise you to sell what you don't use. you'll lose money, but it's better to get some money than to just let them sit in your closet.
  13. I am not an an expert, so I always refer to myself and what I do as as "I" and not you and what it means to me. I know when I buy it is a fix for me when something is going on that I cannot face. That is all. I am a purse nut besides. I really do not know what that hole is inside me..I am just a girl searching for what makes me grow and tick just like the rest of you,..You are fine... :smile:
  14. HA! This is sooooooooo ME! LOL... There was a time over the past year that I looked in my "coach cabinet" and found I had TWENTY TWO Coach purses!!!! TWENTY TWO!!! Some were bought at the boutique, some were bought from eBay. I am a SAHM and have NO need for this amount of purses....EVER! I do not have the lifestyle that warrants this, as I do not change my bags very often...once or twice per season (we live in NY)....I found peace when my hubby went into the boutique this past Xmas Eve and purchased a bag ALL BY HIMSELF for me as a gift, in a VERY crowded girly store, w/ my 2 children!!! That bag, though I did NOT like it when I first opened it, quickly became my FAVORITE bag and I used it for FIVE whole months (style 10535 - khaki/camel Hamptons Perforated large hobo)...something that I NEVER did before my obsession began 2 years ago! During that time frame I decided to return the Coach bags I never used that were just sitting in my Coach cabinet, or sell the ones that I used once or twice. I am now down to FOUR Coach bags, 2 signature and 2 leather, and I must say I am VERY happy!!! These FOUR bags I could NEVER part w/ as they each have very special meaning to me!!! My bag of THIS season is my new signature stripe denim tote!! I LOVE her and have been using her since my anniversary, which was the first week of June!! I chose her!!! My bday is coming up the beginning of Oct and hubby will be buying me my fall/winter bag. I am also down to 4 wallets (I HAD 15) so to me, I feel "cured" LOLOLOLOL.... It's a certain "inner peace" feeling you get when you know you are content w/ what you have, and I finally feel that way NOW!!!!! LOLOLOL
  15. It's so nice to know I'm not alone!!

    I did clean out my closets of unused bags that I'd bought only because they were a good deal, sold them on eBay & started to buy a few nice leather pieces in their place. But I still find myself doubting my purchases.

    For instance I craved my Natural Mandy & totally fell in love with it when I got it. But before I even clipped her tags I found a great deal on an Ergo Vachetta Tote at the outlets & started using that instead. Mandy sits there unused. Since I now have two Natural bags & another Mandy in black, I'm (with much hesitation) returning Mandy.

    I'm actually sad that I am & even more scared about what to get in her place... I missed out on the Pond Shoulder Bag but found that there are a few Pond Satchels left at JAX, but I already owned a Satchel & didn't love it.. I'm drawn to the Slate Embossed Suede Leigh, but that's a whole lotta $ for a Suede bag! Or do I wait because I may like the not-yet released stuff better! I'm actually stressing about this!!! There is something wrong with me!