purchase through phone?

  1. Is this possible- I'm in paris but there is a bag in NJ,USA that I want,can I call and buy it over the phone?
  2. I purchased my BJ Kelly over the phone. But~ It was in the same state that I am in. Another tpf'r called my SA and tried to purchase via the phone. She was told that my transaction was special because I was in the same state. That he would not be able to do a phone transaction outside of the stores state. So~ based on this, I don't think so.:confused1:
  3. Can you ask your Paris SA to call? They get really weird with phone calls...pretty much the only thing you can safely call and ask about are store hours.
  4. I'm in UK but I bought a scarf from a US store over the phone & email and had it shipped here. I'm not sure if the rules vary from store to store or if they are different depending on the item. I would just ring them and ask, you have nothing to lose. Good luck!
  5. It depends who you fall upon.....I called 7 stores in the US....the 8th send me pictures, prices, and sizes!!!
  6. I have purchased almost all of mine over the phone(I live in Canada, and my store is in US) I have asked my store if my friend could call and purchase. She lives in the US;but is in a different state.
    My store said absolutely.
    Do you have a friend in the US state that could introduce you?
    My store will ship overnight;but you must insure for the full amount. If the bag gets lost it is going to be almost impossible to replace.
  7. They shipped me no questions asked..
  8. I think it depends on the bag (for a Birkin, I think they will only ship if you have been in the store in person before).
  9. Could be true....I could only get my hands on a Kelly
  10. I was able to pay for my Kelly over the phone, as I purchased out of state and had to make arrangements to fly there--my SA contacted the store on my behalf--so yes, I think it is possible.
  11. I called myself....again most stores were guarded. Although I was in Boston recently, they didn't have what I wanted...took down all my info...have been extremely serviable ever since.
  12. i dont know anyone in NJ- and someone mentioned in the inventory thread that there was a JPG etoupe- im dying for that bag- but i dont know anyone either at the store or in NJ- and my SA here in paris isnt working today...uhhhh
  13. It's not going anywhere, they're closed on Sunday. Call first thing Monday morning.
  14. I wonder about the rules, too. I have successfully called a boutique and ordered a scarf over the phone, and it was out-of-state. I have also ordered via the website, and both my husband and I have purchased in various stores. I would seem that Hermes now has our information on file. Can I now call up and say "I'm 'florasun', may I please order a bag?" or will they still be suspicious of me? Will they ship to me? Also what is the deal with amex vs mastercard? Is it that they only take amex over the phone, but mastercard in store or on the website? Any info helpful! Thanks!
  15. Sukkar -- unfortunately the etoupe JPG Birkin is gone. I was at the store early in the morning and the SA told me they sold it Friday afternoon... sorry...

    Florasun -- re amex vs mastercard, I think it depends on the store. e.g. madison takes either while wall street only takes amex.. hope this helps...