Purchase/return history?

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  1. Does anyone know if SAs automatically see your purchase and return history when you purchase something?
  2. I believe they can see it through their computer once they type your name and confirm your address.
  3. Yes, every store whether its a stand along boutique or in a department store they can pull up your purchase history regardless where you purchased it.
  4. Is it true worldwide ? If you live in us but visit canada or europe, can they still pull it up ?
  5. Thanks! Does it come up automatically or do they have to pull it up? I know they use a really old DOS-like system and I have no idea what it looks like.

    There's a person in my state with the same name and her record always comes up first and I think some of her transactions may have been tieD to my acct and vice versa.
  6. Ask them to pull your account by your phone number, not by name. This way there will be no mistake.
  7. There are at least a handful of ladies with my name in my city, so I always make sure they pull up by street address or phone number.

  8. I don't think so.

    When I made purchases in London they had me fill out a new customer card because the SA said she couldn't pull up my info since I only purchased in the US prior.

    Perhaps it's by region? Europe, Americas, Asia, etc.

    When my SA pulled up my purchase history, the items I bought in London wasn't on the list.
  9. I known the USA your purchases will show up at any LV you go to except for Hawaii.. I made a purchase in Hawaii in October and then when I purchased in la in February they did not have a record of the purchase from October . Not sure about overseas as I have never gone to LV when I was in Europe. :/
  10. My personal experience is that the SA's in Hong Kong could not see my purchases made in South Korea and Japan, and vice versa. Not sure why. :P and the SA's here in Toronto couldn't pull up my records for anywhere in Asia.
  11. Thanks so much for this info :smile:
  12. great info. I did not know!
  13. I think I have two accounts one that says mrs and the other says dr. Recently my purchases have been under the mrs account. I don't really care as it doesn't really matter since not like we get bonus points for being lv shopaholics but I think it is a way for them to see if you frequently return items or if you buy many of the same items for the resale market. I know for VIC status it really is all about your relationship with your SA rather than how much you buy. That being said my sister hops around and goes to many stores and buys a lot but she has no VIC status despite a really large purchase history under her name because she isn't known by a single SA