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  1. I would like to purchase an everyday bag - I already own the palermo pm and love it- but want a bag I can throw over my shoulder. I am leaning toward the galleria pm - but also saw a fendi zucca chef bag that is nice. Was wondering what other Louis Vuitton wearers think of the Fendi fabric bag - or should I stick with the galleria.

    Thanks for the advice
  2. interesting that you are still searching...I have the Palermo and she is a great everyday bag for me...I keep stuffing more stuff in her and she still looks fab! Do you use the strap that came with your Palermo?...it's the best of both worlds for me.
  3. I don't find the palermo pm to be a comfortable shoulder bag - and since it has a structured tote bottom - I don't think it lays well as a shoulder bag.
  4. I had to mess around a bit with adjusting the strap to find the "sweet" spot where it hit my hip at just the right place. Once I found it...it works just right for me...I was at the LV store in Beverly Hills and the SA commented on how well I wear the bag.

    I like the look of the Galliera...but no zipper is a problem...OP: have you considered the Tivoli GM?
  5. I would definitely go with either the Galliera PM or the Tivoli GM. You can't go wrong with either... they are both gorgeous bags!
  6. The Tivoli GM is too similiar to the Palermo - in that they both have the pleated front. I think I'll go with the Galliera. Thanks
  7. l have just revealed Galliera PM in Azur...it just sooooo comfy on the shoulder :smile:
  8. Go for the Galliera! My Tivoli is starting to become a pain on my shoulder if I don't wear the right coat =(
  9. I have the mono Galliera PM and it's one of my favorite bags! It's roomy and so comfortable to carry! I'd go with the Galliera!

    I don't own any Fendi bags so I can't weigh in on the material.
  10. There is going to be a bias in this forum ! ;)

    To be honest, I just find LV monogram a lot more timeless than Fendi zucca.
  11. go for the galleria pm
  12. Galliera is a comfortable everyday bag, IMO.
  13. The Galliera is an excellent choice of shoulder bag.
    Go for it!