purchase order vs waiting list

  1. Hello everyone,

    I red some threads where people said they place a order on a bag.

    What's therefore the difference with the waiting list?

    Can I go to an H store, order my dream bag and let a deposit and it will be mine?

    Thanks for you help!
  2. I think each store may operate a little differently.

    Here's how it works in London:
    The manager of the stores go to Paris twice a year and order bags for the season. They come back with a confirmed list and then allocated them to the customers. Hence the list. I guess if you are a super good client they will place their podium orders with what you want in mind. That's why you will almost never find a Birkin sitting on the shelf of the store. One SA told me that in 5 years in only saw 2 that were not spoken for.

    A special order is for a combination that the manager did not place a podium for and is most likely something quite rare and special. The probably on do this for the best customers.

    In Paris:
    The SA told me that they are no longer operating on a list for the past couple of years. They said people kept complaining because they never had any birkins in the store. They said it's more special this way because you never know what you are going to find till you set foot in the store.

    In Riverside, NJ:
    The SA said that can't even call customers to tell them when a birkin comes in. When they get it, they just put it on display and it's a free for all. Since it's a new store they are probably trying to build a client base. It's probably worth establishing a relationship with an SA.

    As for NY:
    It seems that if you build a relationship with an SA they will help you search for you bag. I think they also do the podium orders as well. Also, Wall St (also a new store) seems to put birkins on display quite frequently or have them in the back of the store.

    Hope I have this correct.
  3. hey alo6 can you please specify what you mean by a good client?
    does it mean you have to own a few hermes bags, orr do you have to buy a few goods from hermes?

    thank you!
  4. A good client is usually someone who has bought items from a store consistently and has a relationship with the SA. But it totally depends. I've been to an H store and just chatted with the SA and somehow we connected. I stop by once in awhile and say hi. I never purchased anything from her but told her what I was looking for. She ended up calling me regarding a birkin (wrong leather though). I guess if you show the SA that you genuinely love H and are not just into the Birkin fad that they will be willing to help you. But if you buy a lot from a store/SA you definitely get treated differently, but I think this goes for a lot of other brands. You're more likely to get what you are looking for.
  5. Thank you for this info!:tup:
  6. Just wanted to add that as well as floor inventory, Paris does take orders for bags if you're lucky.

  7. I guess they have to really really really like you:love: I asked on 3 separate occasions and all said no list.
  8. alo, great information. :smile:
  9. it's breaking my hope to get my first H to read about how ppl are denied or have to try uber hard JUST to get a bag that they will adore for life....:sad:
    Im being a very pesimistic person about getting an H bag.
    I dont think I'll ever get it...:crybaby:
  10. Actually, there is something to the thrill of the chase - the waiting - the hunting - the quest...