Purchase of a new lock and key

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  1. Just returned from Louis Vuitton on Fifth Avenue, in New York City. The people were great, as I was the only customer in the place. I cannot believe they charge $33 for a little lock and two keys for my LV monogram vernis alma bag. Anyway, I wish I could have purchased a new bag. I would like to get another LV bag but I have two already. Enough is enough. Time to go to another store and check out their goods.
  2. Do you have a regular SA? I always get my locks and dust bags for free.
  3. What state are you in? It seems as though nothing is for free in NY.
  4. yea i had to pay 30 or 40 for a new lock in nyc.
  5. you can pay for dustbags? how much are they?
  6. My mum had to pay $45 AUD for her new lock and keys.

    Wow, i never knew you could buy dustbags.....cool
  7. If you deal with an SA regularly they might give you hte lock and keys or a dustbag for free. My SA gave me a dustbag due to loss of the original.
  8. Usually they are not allowed to give and are very restricted on big dust bags.
  9. what about sunglasses cases?? I was wearing my sunglasses one day, left the case on the bench and someone stole it, thank god I had the sunglasses on my head lol :mad: :pout:
  10. i think it depends on the store and the SA. my preloved speedy didnt come with one but the LV store gave me one for free, even though the lock and keys weren't new.
  11. My SA "slips" me one when I ask :smile: