Purchase now or wait?

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Buy now or later?

  1. Buy it now and save some $$$

  2. Wait until vacation and bring home a souvenir

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  1. I am completely torn and need my fellow tPFers help!

    I am planning on purchasing the Sweet Monogram Pendant. I was originally going to wait until May and buy it while on vacation in Hawaii but with the price increase looming I am beginning to have doubts.

    There is no tax in my state. So, I would be paying more for it while out there anyways. But, I like to pick up pieces of LV while on vacation. It is my own way of collecting souvenirs.

    Should I just buy it now and say the extra $$$ or should I stick to the plan and wait until May 1st when I am on vacation?


  2. I say buy now since the price increase is happening.
  3. Have you purchased at an LV in Hawaii before? If not, it might be worth the extra $ on this (relatively) small item to be able to buy via charge/send w/the Hawaii boutiques un the future. They get exclusive items there - think vvn watercolor speedy 30, Damier Neverfull. Just a thought.
  4. Buy it now!!!!!! I have the same dilemma. I will be in Paris in May and was going to get the Tivoli GM, Monty GM, and Galliera PM while over there. But now with the price increase, I'm getting the Monty GM and Galliera PM today. I am only getting the Tivoli GM at Paris because there are none here in California.
  5. I think you should buy it on vacation. I bought my first Speedy while on vacation in Maui and because of that we have a special bond and it holds a special place in my heart. It's the experience I want, not just saving a little. Its just my opinion though. ;) GL!
  6. Buy it now. No question.
  7. Definetly buy it!!! u never know when LV decides to increase prices :S
  8. Definitely buy now and save $$ :yes:
  9. buy it now!!!!!

    you never know......you might get lucky and find something else in Hawaii too!!!! :graucho::graucho::heart:
  10. I have purchased on Oahu before. That's where I picked up my Amarante Summit Drive. :love: That's an excellent suggestion though. They always get the cutest things.

    That was my thinking. Each vacation I go on with DH I come home with a new bag. It gives each piece a story.
  11. buy now, and buy a small jewelry on your vacation as souvenier
  12. But it now and maybe when you get to Hawaii, you might find something LE at the Hawaii store... :graucho:
  13. I'd honestly buy it now and save money. :yes:
  14. Wait until your vacation, it'll be extra special.
  15. Could you do a phone charge & pick it up in Hawaii? That way you would lock in the price & still go & get it there!