Purchase MC Wapity - elux or boutique?

  1. I might be leaning a little toward the obsessive-compulsive side but, would it bug you to buy the white mc wapity from elux instead of the boutique? Since there's different color-ways, I was thinking I might want to pick this out in person.:shrugs: Am I being ridiculous? :nuts: Those who own the wapity, did you buy in store? elux? I could just see myself in the store aggonizing over which one to get, when basically they're the same thing. :lol:

    btw, this is my 100th post! :yahoo: I :heart: TPF!
  2. i would use elux since it's tax free and free s&h for now :smile: Pre grats for ur darling wapity!!! R u thinking the white or black?
  3. Get it from the boutique if you can and choose the color you like:yes: and CONGRATS on your 100th post!:drinkup:
  4. yeah, I would get it fromthe boutique also, even if you save some money on elux. The thing about MC is the color combos..and if you're picking you're better to go that route, if not picky..then do elux!
  5. Thanks. I'm thinking the white....will look so good with Azur!:love:
  6. I was just thinking about this this morning.
    Well, not your wapity, but my stuff...ha ha

    I kind of feel guilty about going into the boutique, reviewing items with the SA, she offers to get it from another location etc etc....

    ....and then I order from elux because: 1. free shipping right now, 2. no tax, 3. the packaging, service, and item condition are excellent.

    So I would say get it from elux...enjoy!
  7. I hate to think that I'm picky, but the truth is....I am. :shame: And, I don't think I'd save any money buying from elux. Doesn't calif. pay sales tax? I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere on tpf. Maybe I should buy in boutique....:girlsigh:
  8. A pro for going to a store is the whole experience of visiting a LV store. The vapity is absolutely lovely! I want it in black MC myself, and did go to my store to check out both colors. What's lovely with the white one is the stunning red interior, the black one has got grey/brownish interiors. They're both lovely, but IMO you really get the best impression checking them out in the store. But - warning you - it could get hard to decide :drool:
  9. when i get my first mc, i'm going to the boutique b/c i'm also picky about the colors!!! I'd go for the boutique!
  10. CA pays sales tax at elux so if you can get it in the boutique I would. Have fun!
  11. I think you should go pick out the color combo yourself in person. It's different if you were getting the mono, then the pattern would be the same no matter what.
  12. Agreeing that with the MC, you need to see the color combos in person. But allow yourself plenty of time ;)
  13. I would go to the boutique to purchase it. Since us here in Ca. have to pay sales tax from elux.
  14. I would go in person if you're picky like me.
  15. i would go in person as well